Sports Betting Odds Company Uses Diffusion for Real-Time Delivery to Huge Customer Base.

Since plugging in Diffusion, sometimes we see prices update faster than the operator’s site, which is incredible. For our users, that creates the confidence and trust, which is such a huge part in betting, that when they click on a price, that is the one they are going to be betting on.

Derren Maggs

Managing Director, Oddschecker​

Quick Facts

Oddschecker required user connectivity and data delivery scalability for peak sporting events. They also had to reduce load on their back-end database, to assure service quality. They chose the Diffusion event-driven API to handle the job.


Launched in the UK in 1999, Oddschecker is now the leading online betting odds comparison service, giving direct access to the best prices from the top bookmaking brands and enjoyed by millions of users around the world. Targeting an industry that operates on many different levels and platforms, from all social and age groups, Oddschecker provides information to an active and responsive audience across digital platforms. As a trusted source for betting odds, price updates, offers, and promotions; Oddschecker must deliver their event-driven data in real-time in order to be successful.