SignalCentre Depends on Diffusion® for Reliable, Scalable, Delivery of Trading Data & Analysis to Clients Worldwide.

Today, our SignalCentre Trading Platform easily scales, & provides fast response time & reduced network payload due to Diffusion's state-of-the-art data optimization & delivery technology.

Steve O’Hare

Managing Director, Signal Centre​

Quick Facts

Signal Centre needed to assure fast, reliable delivery of their Signal Centre Trading Platform research & analysis data to a high volume of traders worldwide and around-the-clock and their team encountered development challenges until they selected the Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform to meet their requirements.


Signal Centre was formed in 2007 as an independent research firm to better serve institutional clients' asset research needs. Today, PIA First's Signal Centre Trading Platform is an innovative progression from the original analysis delivered to fund managers, hedge funds, and central banks worldwide.

Signal Centre offers daily trade ideas in over 120 of the world's major financial markets, packaged in five asset groups: FOREX, commodities & stock indices and, more recently, single stocks and cryptocurrencies. PIA users can subscribe to individual markets by selecting or deselecting markets on PIA's customizable dashboard to easily view the desired trading signals.

Since inception, Signal Centre has continued to develop and grow by employing analysts with extensive financial market knowledge, experience, and technical analysis ability gained at major UK financial institutions. PIA's proprietary and innovative research has produced a track record of trade ideas across asset classes. The firm has received numerous awards for their research based upon their intuitive and easy to use Signal Centre dashboard and the high-value, timely research and analysis that PIA delivers.

The company required a data management platform that would effectively manage trade recommendation and analysis data from their back-end systems and reliably deliver the information as they scaled their global customer base.