Diffusion Powers Innovative Football Betting Game

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Daniel Glenn

CTO, The Sports Predictor​

Quick Facts

Sports Predictor was developing a mobile application to give bettors the opportunity to follow and bet with professional gamblers. The application required reliable, secure, highly scalable, real-time betting data management and delivery. The company selected the Diffusion Event Data Platform to manage real-time communications for their application.


The Sports Predictor website offers free-to-play contests for an online football game that lets players predict team finishing places over predefined time horizons, such as the end of the season, month or week. The game is played with points that are automatically allocated to a player’s account, but players can also purchase additional points. The top players are ranked by performance in a leader board and the top ten players can win cash prizes monthly, as well as at the end of the football season.

With its long list of customers in the gaming and betting industry, Diffusion has a strong reputation in the marketplace. The Diffusion platform is technically mature and very reliable.

Daniel Glenn

CTO, The Sports Predictor​

The Challenge

The idea behind The Sports Predictor is to trade Premier League football in an innovative and intelligent way. To make this work, however, it is key that the website can provide live updates to a large number of concurrent online users, and process plays and deals in real-time. Right from the beginning and before the concept for the game was even fully developed, the team behind The Sports Predictor knew it had to build its product around a high performance communications platform that would be able to push accurate and up-to-the millisecond data to thousands of users at the same time.

The Solution

After reviewing a number of different data distribution solutions, the development team quickly selected Push Technology’s Diffusion Event Data Platform.

With the decision for Diffusion made, the development team around Glenn decided to use the powerful data distribution features of the platform, not only for providing real-time gaming data to The Sports Predictor players, but also for the internal communication among the servers that sit at the core of their IT system. “It is important that any data or system changes get translated through to the server immediately, so it made sense to make the most of the high performance communications platform that was already there,” explains Glenn.

Another strength of Diffusion, the platform makes it easy to build a great user experience, independent of the device.

Daniel Glenn

CTO, The Sports Predictor​

The Outcome

The Sports Predictor was first launched in early 2013 and has since grown fast. The platform has been hosted in Telefónica Digital’s cloud since September 2013, taking full advantage of the partnership between Push Technology and Telefónica, and reducing overall costs.

The proof of concept was very successful, and then we quickly worked to make the mobile platform available to our users.

Daniel Glenn

CTO, The Sports Predictor​

The Future

With a growing user base, The Sports Predictor now has plans to launch a second football predictor game on the same platform, which will feed into the original game and be integrated into social media platforms such as Facebook. Glenn’s team is also working on a mobile-optimized platform, which will provide a seamless user experience across all mobile end devices.


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  • Simplify Deliver accurate and up-to-the-millisecond data to thousands of users simultaneously.
  • Trade Premier League football
  • Develop a high performance communication system that scales to meet high-volume customer demand.

The Diffusion® Intelligent Event Data Platform

  • Enterprise hardened technology
  • Real-time gaming and internal communications among back-end servers
  • Expert technical support from Push Technology

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