Cost-Effective Data Management

The Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform is purpose-built to drive down infrastructure and data distribution costs and to simplify management of deployment. With its unique infrastructure-efficient platform, Diffusion combines powerful data optimization and compression for seamless integration to the network edge. Scale up your apps and systems with less infrastructure, improving performance and quality-of–service while saving money.

Using Diffusion to Reduced Infrastructure Costs

The value of an intelligent event-data platform is not only the ability to manage real-time data, but also how efficiently and effectively the platform handles the scale of distribution. The wide array of corporate applications requires different types of scale including the abilities to: serve large and variable client volume, to handle tens of thousands of unique data streams, and to provide high throughput of data across geographically dispersed and/or remote regions.

Unique infrastructure-efficient platform

Diffusion can handle extremely high loads (hundred of thousands concurrent users) without degrading performance nor requiring large server cluster infrastructure.

Diffusion offers the ability to extend traditionally bottle-necked, back-end, data sources across the Internet in a simple and scalable manner, while reducing the time and resources required to maintain existing infrastructure.

Scalability made affordable

  • Get fast, flexible, demand-adaptable scalability without added infrastructure.
  • Less bandwidth usage means that sending data costs you & your customers less.
  • Easily and quickly extend existing data pipelines across the web, without incurring the costs of solving the challenges of data delivery at scale.


“With Diffusion, we can scale our servers up and down to match demand each day, and even by the hour, using the cloud infrastructure in the most cost effective way.” - Racing Post