Cross-Region Replication

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform can move data between data-centers located across the world with sub-second latencies.

Replication and High Availability

Replication is one of the features intended to extend Diffusion’s support for high availability (HA).

Session replication

Allows all the Diffusion servers in a cluster to share enough information about sessions to allow server to fail and for clients to recover to a different server across multiple regions.

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Topic replication

Allows topics to be managed across an entire cluster from a single control client. Unlike fan-out, replication through the data grid is for high availability (HA) not for scaling.

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Replicating topics and updates

Topics can be created by any server or control client across the cluster. If the topic is under one of the configured topic paths it will be automatically replicated to all servers that also have a topic path for it. The replicated topics will be created using the same topic definition, they will have the same name, topic data and topic properties.

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