Data-Efficient IoT

The Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform is purpose-built for the challenges of IoT, with data-efficient, bi-directional real-time streaming and event handling, to effectively manage data and network volatility and large scalability - solving the complexity of Internet transactions for IoT.

Old Assumption, New Challenges

Traditional solutions that handle and distribute data, are designed upon the assumption that networks and environments in which they operate have sufficient bandwidth, low latency, short network interruptions, low traffic volume, and primarily back-end systems. These assumptions no longer apply. In today’s world.

The huge consumer demand for event-driven web and mobile applications, coupled with the explosion of IoT data, requires a solution capable of delivering high Quality-of-Service and True Real-Time performance, that is easily scalable and reliable on constrained, congested, or unreliable networks.

Unique Delta Data Streaming

  • Diffusion only sends a data value to subscribers when it changes. This avoids clients being forced to continually poll for new data, reducing both code complexity and network usage.
  • Diffusion only sends the differences (deltas) between data values, with automatic value reconstruction at the client side, drastically reducing the amount of data sent over the network.

Where Diffusion enables Data-Efficient IoT

Diffusion optimally handles extremely high loads (hundreds of thousands of concurrent users) without degrading performance nor requiring large server cluster infrastructure. Thanks to the patented Data-Efficient technology, Diffusion can directly impact and drastically improve application’s responsiveness and user engagement when bandwidth is constrained, networks are congested, or communications are unreliable.

Messaging for Today's Demanding Applications

Offline Data and Reliable

Diffusion Data-Efficient Benefits

Diffusion’s delta data streaming eliminates most IoT challenges and provides substantial efficiency, reliability, and resiliency benefits:

  • Fewer and smaller messages sent over the network results in a low and consistent latency profile – data gets to consumers faster, especially on unreliable networks such as mobile or satellite.
  • Less bandwidth usage means that sending data costs you & your customers less. Read More
  • With low network overhead per connection, Diffusion can support vast numbers of concurrent clients.
  • Topic updates are queued on a per-client basis, adapting to congested networks and allowing full recovery in the event of disconnections
  • Newly connected subscribers automatically receive the latest values for subscribed topics, reducing system complexity.

The Diffusion IoT Everywhere

  • Automobile Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Energy & Utilites industry
  • Retail
  • Smart Cities

Additional Benefits

  • Send messages directly to one or many connections, with delivery acknowledgements – providing reliable and predictable messaging behavior.
  • Diffusion can automatically load-balance messages across multiple remote recipients, supporting highly-available back-end systems
  • Diffusion automatically correlates responses to the original message sender, simplifying code complexity and making it quicker to develop complex application interactions.

DIffusion in Energy &

Diffusion in Transportation Airline