Data Integrations

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform makes use of official Adapters such as REST and Kafka to implement real-time data pipelines.

Unify and Normalize Distributed Data

Traditional API Management tools provide ways to help unify and normalize distributed data sources, but these tools are fundamentally built around polling-based resources (e.g. REST, SOAP) – an approach that is incompatible with the requirements for delivering truly live data. In the diverse ecosystems of today’s digital business environment, architectures can include any combination of polling-based, event-based, and bespoke infrastructures – often with challenging integration requirements.

Businesses need a platform that delivers the operational benefits of API Management, and is also built to manage live data and to handle the unique challenges and interactions of real time.

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Real Time API Management

Extending Data

The fundamental responsibility of any Real-Time API Management platform is to integrate with existing data sources and extend them to new consumers over edge networks such as web, mobile, and satellite. The Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform provides out-of-the-box adapters to back-end products including Kafka, JMS, and Apache Camel, empowering businesses to easily capitalize on existing event stream data to drive new applications. Diffusion also provides adapters for non-streaming resources such as REST and SQL, for easy transformation of traditional polling-based APIs into real-time streams.

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Diffusion Extends & Optimizes