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Diffusion 6.4 is the latest version of the Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform. Data management and distribution has never been this simple and transparent.

Topic View Expansion

Diffusion's revolutionary topic view system for dynamic data mapping is now even more powerful.

Topic view expansion enables dynamic one-to-many mapping, enabling you to unpack complex JSON values and ensure that each client receives only the data it needs, boosting efficiency and security.

Topic expansion diagram
Topic priority diagram

Topic Delivery Priority

With Diffusion 6.4, you can tell Diffusion which real-time data is most critical. At times of heavy load, or when bandwidth is tight, Diffusion will intelligently minimize latency, delivering your top-priority data first.

Even in the most challenging environments, you can assure your end-users receive the key information they need.

Partial Updates

Need to update complex data models efficiently in real time? In Diffusion 6.4, you can use the powerful JSON Patch standard to provide partial updates.

With the ability to statelessly update parts of your data model, integration and coordination of independent data sources becomes painless. Easily build real-time multi-user applications, or connect existing systems together in new and powerful ways.

Partially updating topics
Diffusion user console

Improved Console

Diffusion's web-based monitoring console provides visual management and monitoring of data stored as Diffusion topics, client sessions, and server load.

In Diffusion 6.4, the interface for viewing topics has been redesigned. The console can now handle topic trees with hundreds of thousands of topics.

Creating topic views from the console is now easier, thanks to a new topic view creation wizard.

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