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Play with our demos to see the power of Push Realtime Messaging.

REST vs Diffusion Demo

We put REST vs. Diffusion to the test. Here is a short two minute video demo that shows how the end-user experience of a transaction within a mobile app can be improved when using Push Technology’s Diffusion rather than a REST API. Diffusion is used to transfer the transaction details from the app to the server which will process the payment.

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JSON Delta Streaming

Push Technology’s delta streaming feature provides clients only the differences between old and new data, rather than providing the entire JSON payload – limiting the need to send markup and data that isn’t changing from one message to the next.

See how much data you could save by using our delta streaming features. The demo subscribes to the word 'Push' on Twitter and creates a delta stream with the data returned.

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Drawing Board

Realtime drawing with any number of people.

Start drawing on our virtual blackboard with coloured chalks. See how clients are updated in realtime with each stroke drawn.

Multiple users may draw on a virtual blackboard with coloured chalk. The chalk board resides on our Diffusion Server. All clients are updated in realtime with strokes from the other clients. With many strokes, there may be a large initial state which needs to be delivered to a new client, and Diffusion’s fragmented messages feature is used to handle this.

Open this demo in multiple browsers and connect to the same room to see the realtime updates.

Open Browser Demo Available on the App Store

Asset Trader

View and trade on our cross-platform FX trading demo where price feeds, instruments, news and user interactions are all distributed in realtime.

This uses the Asset Publisher. This Publisher can receive FX price information from many sources and then send the deltas to the clients.

The Asset Publisher uses Topic Loaders, Hierarchic Topics, Message Comparators, Topic Loading, Topic Data pattern and a Topic Alias pattern. On the client side, Topic Listeners are used to display the price information.

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