Diffusion 6.5.11

Install Diffusion

Make sure you have a supported version of Java and then run the Diffusion installer.

Download Diffusion

Requires JDK 8 (1.8.0_131-b11 or higher)
or a Java 11 JDK (11.0.3 GA or higher, Hotspot JVM)

See Quick Start Guide for full instructions.

Install Diffusion using RPM

You can use the RPM file to install the Diffusion server on Linux systems that have Red Hat Package Manager installed.

Download RPM

Get previous release versions of Diffusion.

Other Releases

New features in Diffusion 6.5

– Enhanced security model scalable to millions of path permissions

Subscriptions update instantly as authorization rules change.


– Cluster-aware application messaging and session control

Request-response messaging and the client control API now work seamlessly across a cluster.


– Remote topic views and delayed topic views

Use topic views to stream topics from remote servers or create time-delayed feeds.


Plus redesigned management console, JavaScript shared web workers, and much more.

Read What's New in the manual for more details.

Diffusion Support and Upgrade Policy

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