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Simple API

Build interactive applications using live, real-time data with our simple SDKs. Easily make use of pub/sub event streaming, request/response messaging, and time series history querying all through a single set of APIs.


var value = { foo : 'bar' };
var result = session.topicUpdate.set('my-topic', diffusion.datatypes.json(), value);
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session.addStream('my-topic', diffusion.datatypes.json()).on('value', function(topic, specification, newValue, oldValue) {
  console.log(`New value for ${path}: ${newValue.get()}`);'my-topic');
JavaScript .NET Android Apple Java C Python PHP GO REST

Dynamic Data Models

Dynamically map across multiple sources to create new real-time data views that can be easily consumed by applications.

No heavy coding required, just simple map expressions.

Diffusion topic views

Featured Case Studies and eBook

Brenock case study

Brenock, a software company specializing in shipping industry applications, needed to assure the Total Marine Solutions Ocean Guardian system obtained maximum operational efficiency and reliable delivery of the critical environmental data compliance for ocean vessels -- they chose Diffusion, the Real-Time API Management Platform to meet the demand.


Real-time API management ebook

Real-Time API Management solves the challenges of dealing with constantly expanding and evolving data sources and the complex ecosystem where the data resides. Real-time management and distribution of this data is a requirement for the event-driven applications and systems that drive digital transformation.

Signal Centre case study

Signal Centre needed to support a variety of data delivery mechanisms, across multiple foreign languages, for thousands of traders worldwide which unduly burdened their back-end system and made data delivery slow. The company needed to reliably deliver their trade recommendation and analysis data in real-time as they scaled their global customer base. Diffusion solved their challenges.

Financial Services/Trading


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