Diffusion Pricing

No limits, most performant and efficient platform in the market

Cloud Hosted

Free (90 days)

No Charge

Build for free

  • 100 Connections
  • 1,000 Topics
  • Talk to sales to
    extend and expand


$49 per month

Get Started

  • 500 Connections
  • 10,000 Topics
  • Add more topics and connections with
    Add-on Packs


$249 per month

Enterprise Grade

  • 2,500 Connections
  • 100,000 Topics
  • Add more topics and connections with
    Add-on Packs


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Made to Order

  • Unlimited Connections
  • Unlimited Topics
  • Fully custom package
    for your unique needs

Self Hosted


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  • Enterprise scale and performance
  • Bespoke packages for all sizes
  • On-Premise
  • Cross region replication
  • Configurable cluster size
  • Bespoke performance tuning

Diffusion Cloud Plan Features

Base PricePer MonthNo Charge$49$249Contact Us
EventsPriced by GB of Data Moved3 GB*$2.99 per GB$2.99 per GB$2.99 per GB
Delta StreamingYesYesYesYes
Maximum Size of an EventUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Live Event Cache +200 MB1 GB3 GBCustom
Event HistoryYesYesYesYes
Data DeliveryNo. of Connections (included)1005002,500Unlimited
Additional Connections (Add-on Pack)NoAdd-on PackAdd-on PackN/A
Data WranglingNo. of Topics (included)1,00010,000100,000Unlimited
Additional Topic Capacity (Add-on Pack)NoAdd-on PackAdd-on PackN/A
Data GatewayREST API, JMS, MQTTYesYesYesYes
Add-ons for Adapters (Kafka, Redis, etc.)Yes**Add-on PackAdd-on PackYes
SLAHigh AvailabilityNoNoYesYes

Add-On Packs


  • Per 500 connections


  • Per 10,000 Topics


  • For each instance of an Adapter

+ Max Size of Values in Topics

* Contact support to extend capacity

** Contact support to enable adapter

All prices are in US$ and exclude local taxes e.g. VAT or Sales Taxes. Where customers require High Availability then multiple instances of Diffusion will be deployed by the Diffusion Cloud Services Team to meet their support and service SLAs.

Diffusion Cloud Support Offerings

Support PriceFreeGreater of $49 per month
or 10% of monthly bill
Greater of $500 per month
or 4% of monthly bill
Greater of $1,500 per month
or 8% of monthly bill
Recommended RecipientsAll CustomersExperimenting and non-productionProduction ApplicationsMission Critical Applications
CoverageBest EffortsBusiness HoursBusiness Hours24x7
Response TimeBest EffortsBest Efforts2 Business Hours1 Business Hours
Expert Diffusion Technical SupportUnlimited Support CasesUnlimited Support CasesUnlimited Support Cases
Named Customer Success ExecutiveQuarterly Technical Wellness Review
Minimum Support Term12 months12 months12 months
Support for Live Events$399 / hour
min. 2 hours / event
$399 / hour
min. 2 hours / event

JSON Delta Streaming

To demonstrate the cost and efficiency savings of Diffusion, this page listens to a stream of all tweets that contain the word 'Push'. The raw JSON that the Twitter API delivers is published through Diffusion, with binary deltas used to reduce the payloads delivered to this page.



Raw JSON Data



JSON Delta Stream



Data Saved



Total messages (raw data)



Total messages (from deltas)



Cost savings
(per million messages)


  • First, Push Technology pioneered delta data streaming and our technology is more efficient at moving data, which makes our platform perform and scale optimally and cost less for customers.
  • Second, we are the only provider to offer cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions that seamlessly interoperate to exactly match the business and infrastructure requirements of each customer.
  • Third, Push Technology has a proven 12-year track record of operation as an integral component of mission-critical, event-driven systems around the globe.
All of the rich features in the Diffusion Cloud platform are available in all versions of our software, including our free version. You can develop, test, and go into production with our free version and seamlessly move to a paid version only when your business grows. The free version provides up to 3 million messages per month, and supports up to 100 concurrent connections and up to 100 topics.
Our free Diffusion Cloud version is yours to use forever, with no time limit or performance restrictions. You can easily develop, test, and go into production with our free version.
Each interaction with the Diffusion Cloud service, via an SDK, counts towards your monthly message usage. Messages are defined as 2kb payloads; any payloads larger than this will be divided by 2kb (i.e an 8kb payload would count as 4 messages). Your service will be billed based on the greater of either total messages sent/received, or total bandwidth usage (divided by 2kb). We do not charge extra for caching messages, nor does publishing messages cost more than receiving. All of Push Technology solutions drive very high data efficiency. This is important to you because, for example, an 80% data efficiency for an 8k message reduces the message size to 1.6K - substantially reducing your billable message count from 4 messages to 1 message.
Peak connections are the highest number of concurrent connections to your Diffusion Cloud service, reached at any time in a month. Disconnected or closed sessions do not count towards this total.
No, we do not impose any limitations on topics in our paid versions.
No, we handle large and small data requirements. To meet your needs, we support message payloads and topic sizes as high as 1Mb
The Diffusion Cloud Management Console dashboard provides a quick overview of current usage. You can also view a detailed usage metrics breakdown in the Usage dashboard tab, plus estimated billing costs for that month.
Yes, you can do this easily through the Diffusion Cloud Management Console.
Yes. The Diffusion platform is purpose-built to flexibly meet any business operations requirements. Unlike other vendor offerings, Diffusion is available in-the-cloud and on-premise and all versions use exactly the same SDKs so you move seamlessly between them. You can also set up hybrid configarations as your business needs dictate. Further, many companies discover that performance on dedicated infrastructure delivers superior performance to other vendor's multi-tenant cloud offerings.
Absolutely, yes. We have a flexible billing model and we can always find a model that suits your business requirements. Simply contact us to speak to a customer account manager.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
We immediately notify you via email and you have a 7 day grace period to update your billing information.
Many companies are subject to regulatory requirements that dictate where and how their business systems must operate. We accommodate the specific operational requirements of every individual business by offering in-the-cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid configuration options so you can make the right choice for your business.
The Diffusion Cloud Management Console lets you view and modify your live data model, create dynamic mapping policies, and apply access control policies.
Absolutely! As a Confluent Gold Partner, Push Technology provides a Kafka adapter to stream real-time data between systems. This can be used with any of our cloud service versions including our free version. We do not believe in making you pay to use the full range of Diffusion Cloud's rich feature set.

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