Diffusion Intelligent Data Mesh

Turbocharge your real-time applications

The race for digital transformation is on, and every business worldwide is building real-time applications — from financial services, transportation, and energy, to retail, healthcare, and eGaming companies

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Mesh enables organizations to accelerate innovation and deliver game-changing, real-time applications to market faster while significantly reducing the cost of software development and operations. Diffusion is used to build new innovative applications and also to extend legacy systems.

Diffusion provides efficient data movement, enhanced security, dynamic access control, easy to use secure APIs and flexible deployment models to meet each organization’s specific business requirements – in-the-cloud, on-premise and in hybrid environments

The Benefits of Diffusion® are Undeniable
Drive Revenue
Business is all about seizing opportunities for revenue growth and operational efficiency to increase profits.
With Diffusion, companies can innovate faster and bring differentiated products to market quicker to open
new market opportunities that drive revenues.
Simplify Delivery
Diffusion is purpose-built to manage and optimize streaming data and messaging delivery. Diffusion provides
easy to integrate secure APIs so that developers do not have to worry about the details of Diffusion
architecture. Diffusion customers have reduced time-to-market of applications by over 55%.
Deliver Performance
Applications built on the Enterprise-hardened Diffusion platform scale easily and cost-effectively to millions of topics and concurrent users. Diffusion guarantees Quality of Service under adverse network conditions through adaptive flow control and automatic conflation of messages
Enhanced Security
Diffusion’s dynamic access control simplifies and tightens data security management by consolidating
authentication and authorization access to disperse and disparate applications and system data.
Reduce Cost
Diffusion’s data-aware, delta-data streaming and compression technology reduces payload size by up to 90%, which reduces application infrastructure costs and bandwidth expenses. Diffusion is available in-the-cloud, onpremise or hybrid operation, to meet each company’s infrastructure and compliance requirements.

“Using Diffusion has enabled us to improve customer engagement, reduce costs, and exceed our growth targets.”
– Keith Laidlaw CIO, GVC

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