Successful eGaming companies worldwide constantly innovate and add new offerings to engage, keep, and grow their customer bases. At the same time, these companies want to expand into new markets. The heart of eGaming is live data and events.

The Diffusion Event Data Platform is designed to address the challenges and demands of online sportsbooks and casinos by managing scale, performance, and security across geographies –efficiently and cost-effectively – to offer a captivating gaming experience.

Diffusion is used by industry-leading companies in sports betting, bingo, poker, and casino gaming, to ensure delivery of the real-time betting experience required to ramp revenue and beat the competition.

"Diffusion gives us the real time data delivery capability we require to successfully compete globally!”

Fredrik Ogden, Director of Cloud and Devops, Betsson Group

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Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges offer more opportunities than a bookmaker because people can buy and sell outcomes, trade in real time, and cash out in an instant. For an exchange to be successful, customers require access to information in real-time.

Betfair pioneered the world’s first successful betting exchange, which allows customers to bet on odds set they set, or bet on odds set by other customers. Prior to using Diffusion’s streaming technology, the company was using polling. The move from polling to real-time streaming to deliver scores and pricing data to customers, allowed BetFair to process over seven million transactions (more than the European Stock exchanges combined), completing 99.9% of all transactions in under a second.

“Our systems handle very high volumes of constantly changing data and we chose Diffusion to present this data to our customers at very low latency to prompt betting activity.”

Daniel Alheiros - Delivery Manager, Betfair

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Competition in the gaming industry is only increasing, so you need to offer an unparalleled experience to your customers. That means real-time odds, reliable performance, and a high-quality user experience – every time.

End users benefit from not having to wait for whole pages to refresh, because our realtime messaging products send only the most up-to-date and relevant data – resulting in a quicker, more reliable and efficient service – improving all round user experience.

Sportingbet needed to cut IT costs by 50%, while also improving the customer experience by delivering realtime market data. This was being held back by bandwidth constraints and legacy systems.

“Customers are now able to follow a match with real-time updates mapped onto a tennis court. Diffusion enables us to push the latest data such as the results of each point and the next player on serve. Diffusion’s intelligent innovation makes games more engaging for the customer, improving the in-play experience.

Keith Laidlaw - CIO, GVC Holdings

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In-Play Betting

Push Technology is known as the ‘pioneer of in-play’ – a segment of egaming that was born from Diffusion’s Event Data Platform technology.  We have helped make In-Play the fastest growing segment in the online gaming industry today.

Oddschecker, hailed as an industry leading betting site, uses Diffusion for In-Play

In-play is a major challenge to all bookmakers – and this is where Diffusion really stands out. Sometimes we see prices update faster than the operators site, which is incredible. For our users, that creates the confidence and trust, which is such a huge part of betting.”

Darren Maggs Managing Director, Oddschecker

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Cash Out

Successful cash out requires live market numbers delivered in real-time to give customers the current value of their in-play bets, and guaranteed transactions with quick settlement – these factors increase the chance of repeated play. Diffusion allows companies to deliver successful in cash out because of its fast, efficient, two-way communication that ensures all players can send, receive, and react to data in real-time.

Using the Diffusion Platform has enabled us to improve customer engagement, reduce costs and exceed our growth targets – over the last three year we grew revenue 20-30%.”

Keith Laidlaw CIO at GVC

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Poker & Bingo

Online Gaming companies must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition to keep customers loyal. Features like poker lobbies and bingo chat systems within a bingo application are increasingly popular and eGaming companies seek ways to stand out from the crowd.

Poker lobbies are often reliant on inefficient request-response based systems, and operators struggle to maintain performance of their platforms. This requires real-time streaming data and messaging management, at which Diffusion excels. Adding a bingo chat system provides a superior user experience with features such as personalized marketing messages. Successful operation requires seamless, real-time communications regardless of high volume usage or information demand on the application

Diffusion’s Event Data Platform assures an excellent user experience and delivers network efficiency for both operators’ and consumers’ data plans.

“888 Holdings, one of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment providers, selected Diffusion to support their plans to rapidly expand into new markets and offer new features to gamers for Bingo, Casino & Poker.”

For CTOs, CIOs, and architects in markets outside eGaming industry, there are lessons to learn. eGaming leaders have demonstrated that business can be expanded, new opportunities gained, and new markets opened using the Diffusion Event Data Platform.

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