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eGaming is a highly event-driven business in which maintaining engagement takes creativity and responsiveness. Applications have to react to fast-changing odds before a game and in-game. As the game builds its knowledge about the punter, it can proactively share the most relevant in-game offers and ads to improve engagement and increase customer value over time.

The Diffusion Event Data Platform is designed to address the real-time nature of eGaming to enable scale, high data volumes and security across geographies, so you can focus on providing captivating gaming experiences.

Diffusion is used by industry-leading companies to deliver superior real-time gaming experiences. Our customer applications include:

  • Betting Exchanges
  • In-Play Betting
  • Sportsbooks
  • Cash-Out
  • Casino
  • Bingo

"Diffusion gives us the real-time data delivery capability we require to successfully compete globally!"

Fredrik Ogden

CTO, Betsson Group

Real-Time Betting and Gaming

The heart of eGaming is live data and events. Successful companies are constantly innovating, creating new ways to engage, build loyalty and grow their customer bases. PUSH Technology enables you to scale to new user volumes and reach global markets.


Betting exchanges offer more opportunities than a bookmaker because people can trade in real time.

Betfair pioneered the world’s first successful betting exchange. Diffusion’s streaming technology allowed Betfair to move from polling to real-time streaming to deliver scores and pricing data to customers. Today, BetFair can process more than seven million transactions per second. That volume exceeds all the European Stock exchanges combined. Betfair completes 99.9% of all transactions in under a second. Diffusion enables Betfair to innovate faster and focus on keeping punters engaged.

"Our systems handle very high volumes of constantly changing data and we chose Diffusion to present this data to our customers at very low latency."

Daniel Alheiros

Delivery Manager, Betfair

Success Stories

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Aug 05, 2021

Ganchrow Scientific improved their application performance and reduces ISP costs by a huge 73%

Diffusion overcome the challenges of poor ISP quality-of-service in Latin America and allowed global...

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Aug 05, 2021

Baker Technology builds powerful event-driven Financial Services apps using less code with lower...

Diffusion Platform saves Baker coding the network stack when building web apps improving delivery and quality.

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Aug 05, 2021

Multinational entertainment company, 888 Holdings assure security, privacy and fair play for 100,000 Bingo...

Diffusion guarantees all players of the WinkBingo application real-time information.

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Aug 05, 2021

Brenock, a shipping industry software development company, chose the Diffusion Intelligent Event-...

Without Diffusion, the Ocean Guardian system would be performing unnecessary, repetitious work for every shipboard device connected, wasting valuable memory and CPU processing power - increasing operational costs.

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