This FAQ covers general information requests that we often receive.

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How do you compare to other vendors in this space?

Diffusion delivers real-time event streams using over 90% less bandwidth than other solutions. Diffusion provides a holistic low-code platform with powerful data filtering, enrichment and custom topic views for each user. This is backed by on-the-fly, granular topic level, role-based security features.

Why would I want on-prem when looking for cloud?

Many companies are subject to regulatory requirements that dictate where and how their business systems must operate. The Diffusion offering is available in-the-cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid configuration options so you can make the right choice for your business.

Can I use 3rd party data-sources like Kafka with Diffusion Cloud?

Absolutely! Push Technology complements technologies such as Kafka to stream real-time data between systems, or securely extend internal event sources out across the internet to Web & Mobile apps.

How are messages secured?

Diffusion tightly controls access to all data via 2 APIs – Authentication and Authorization. The Authentication API ensures that users must successfully login to establish a session, with the Authorisation API defining the roles/permissions that each user can perform. This includes having any visibility of data, to being able to read the data or publish to it.

All permissions are applied in real-time and can be equally revoked in real-time too. These APIs are easily integrated with 3rd party RBAC systems like using JWTs for SSO as well as seamless integration with Kerberos/OAUTH.

All session traffic is encrypted by TLS v1.3 This applies both with On-Premise and Cloud deployments so traffic can be transmitted across any network (including the Internet) securely.

What restrictions are included as part of the free On-Prem and Cloud packages?

Please refer to the pricing page at for the latest details, linked here.

The on-prem or self hosted Enterprise version has no limitations. The on-prem trial edition is restricted to 5 concurrent connections.

The Cloud editions of Diffusion include Free, Basic, Business and Custom. The Free Cloud service trial lasts 90 days. These vary based on message data volumes, numbers of Topics, Connections, Cache size, and High Availability features. Add-on packs for additional Topics, Connections and Adapters are available for Basic and Business editions.

How are Topics organized?

Diffusion Topics are organized in a hierarchical tree data model. This makes it easy to filter, aggregate, transform and otherwise enrich your data. Each end user client gets exactly the data it needs and can customize their Topic view, based on the Topics they are authorized for.