Financial Services

From capital markets to global investment banks and emerging fin-tech startups, financial services companies must innovate, modernize, and transform to meet the needs of their customers across markets.  To achieve these goals requires the companies to overcome technology challenges to:

  • Go-to-market with new offerings faster,
  • Deliver richer customer engagements and experiences,
  • Automate and strengthen security,
  • Drive operational efficiency.

All while lowering application development and infrastructure costs.
Diffusion Event Data Platform removes technology barriers, for CTOs, architects, and developers to succeed with their digital transformation initiatives.

"With Diffusion, we can focus on our skill of analyzing markets, instead of worrying about reliably distributing our information to traders around the globe."

Steve O'Hare, Managing Director Signal Centre

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Retail Banking

Leading banking firms like ConsorsBank and Lloyds are achieving better business outcomes and opening new revenue opportunities with the Diffusion platform including high-performance trading, feature-rich mobile computing, digital transformation for legacy systems, and more.
With Diffusion, Consorsbank now has a centralized, single view of all customers and the bank’s customers have one-stop banking through their mobile application.

“Our mobile banking application provides a superior customer experience, fast response times, & a reduced network payload due to Diffusion’s state-of-the-art data optimization & communication technology.”


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Investment Banking

Electronic platforms connect buyers and sellers in financial markets around the world. Depending upon the platform focus, they can provide information and advice on trade opportunities to institutional or individual investors and allow trades to be conducted.

Interdealer Brokers( IDBs)act as financial intermediaries who facilitate transactions between investment banks, broker-dealers, and other large financial institutions.

IDBs operate around-the-clock, worldwide, playing a crucial role, providing pricing information, liquidity, and, most importantly privacy for their trading actions.

Diffusion Event Data Platform is used by 3 of the top 5 global IDBs.

“At Tradition, we are continuously looking at how technology can enhance the way we deliver services to our clients.  Diffusion is a secure, robust, fast & flexible platform that supports our Electronic Trading Platform.”

Yann L’Huillier, Group CIO

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Traditionally, insurance carriers have relied on their own historical data, and upon structured information from various bureaus and agencies to operate their businesses. With the onslaught of data from the Internet-of-Things, the insurance game has changed and the pace of change is rapid. Established insurers are finding that they must creatively explore, mine, and harness huge amounts of external data, to convert new opportunities for growth, and to achieve improvements in the loss ratio. The flood of external data is transforming not only the way insurers evaluate and price risk, but also the way they interact with customers, transact business, and design products and services.

The Diffusion Event Data Platform is critical for connecting legacy systems with IoT systems and devices, and managing, monitoring, and distributing the data to seize new business model opportunities.

“The IoT is a massive opportunity for large traditional Insurers, with an established base of existing subscribers.  IoT also creates a market threat to the traditional insurance business from new entrants – nimble, innovative, technology-centric, data-savvy companies.”

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Legacy System Integration

Financial Services Organizations often operate around-the-clock making new system implementation difficult. Many organizations want to improve their legacy systems and processes with minimum interruptions to staff and customer activities. To service this need, Push Technology has developed an expanding library of Diffusion Adapters.

For example, Investment bank wholesale and sales traders, and their risk management and compliance teams work non-stop on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets connected to third-party market data systems. With hundreds of users, the market data systems are often challenged to reliably deliver information in real-time. The banks require the Diffusion Event Data Platform with the Diffusion Adapter for Excel, to assure reliable delivery of their business-critical trading data.

“Push Technology’s Diffusion platform meets the challenges of managing & delivering market data in a secure, auditable manner intrabank and among banks, corporations, and users across international geographies – in Real Time.

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For CTOs, CIOs, and architects in markets outside financial services, there are lessons to learn. Financial services leaders have demonstrated that business can be expanded, new opportunities gained, and new markets opened using the Diffusion Event Data Platform.

Join the financial services industry leaders using Diffusion.

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