Quality medical care requires connecting patients, doctors, facilities, drug manufacturers, etc. – connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem. The huge volume of real-time data now available through the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the old healthcare industry business models and driving innovation that will benefit everyone involved with applications such as:

  • Remote health monitoring and smart sensors to improve patient health and safety,
  • Medical device integration to improve care delivery,
  • Integrated hospital facility communications and services to increase patient engagement,
  • Medical device, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution automation for efficient patient delivery.

However, healthcare IoT is not without challenges. The number of connected devices creating a tremendous amount of data can be a challenge for those who must analyze and react to the data. There is also the question of how to manage and secure the data, particularly if it is being exchanged among patients, providers, manufacturers, and care facilities.

The Diffusion Event Data Platform can support healthcare industry innovation and assure critical medical information is delivered in real-time.

Diffusion's Event Data helps pharmaceutical companies streamline research & development, manufacturing, and distribution to increase profits, reduce costs, and deliver improved healthcare.”

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For CTOs, CIOs, and architects in market outside the healthcare industry, there are lessons to learn. Business can be expanded, new opportunities gained, and new markets opened using the Diffusion Event Data Platform.

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