High Availability

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform can run clusters of any size to ensure uptime and scalability, with full data replication & persistence.

High Availability Assurance

Building mobile applications that can provide a consistent experience with high availability assurances during spikes in user adoption is a challenge when evaluating a single server. Utilization of cloud technologies means this needs to be evaluated on a distributed system, potentially with global distribution as well.

Server side applications should be able to rapidly connect and distribute data to hundreds of thousand of clients quickly and easily. A single instance of Diffusion can scale to over 100K concurrent clients without affecting the latency of each connection and provides a single source for your application data provider to update.

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Knowledge Base

Get the most out of Diffusion and Diffusion Cloud, with our in-depth articles and answers to your most frequent questions.


Assure Quality of Service

Diffusion continuously monitors how clients and connections are performing and gracefully manages users and data under adverse network conditions, and automatically reconnects and updates information if there is a loss of connectivity.

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Data Optimization