Diffusion enables Kafka to support millions of topics and concurrent connections while reducing bandwidth by 90%

Upgrade your Kafka solution with Diffusion to deliver an Intelligent Data Mesh over last mile network connections - web, mobile or satellite. The Diffusion Kafka adapter is fully hosted within the Diffusion Cloud infrastructure with an easy-to-configure UI. It reduces application code complexity and speeding time to market.

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The Diffusion Kafka Adapter Was Purpose Built to Make the Most of Your Kafka Services...Without The Complexity

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Kafka Only: Kafka offers no clear solution for reliably receiving messages in Web and Mobile applications. The conventional approach is riddled with latency, throughput constraints, and limited connection management.

Kafka + Diffusion: Diffusion makes end-to-end real-time delivery of Kafka data not just possible, but simple and practical too. End-user applications are pushed messages via secure WebSocket channels, with out-of-the-box subscription semantics, flow-control, and session management to ensure consistent application performance and behavior.

Kafka Only: Due to the design of Kafka’s topic partitioning model, most architectures result in a limited number of topics that contain large numbers of events. As the number of consumers and consumer groups increases, the performance degrades drastically. Organizations have to make a trade-off between data granularity and consumer efficiency.

Kafka + Diffusion: Diffusion is purpose-built to handle millions of unique topics, allowing you to scale your data independently from your consumers.

  • In-flight transformation rules allow event data to be disaggregated or remapped, enabling more intelligent and efficient distribution of data.
  • Diffusion takes away the overhead of scaling the consumer-side of real-time data, allowing organizations to pursue new business opportunities without worrying about operational complexities.

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Kafka Only: It’s no secret that Kafka’s security model is relatively limited. This limitation makes it extremely difficult to manage when multi-cluster / multi-region architectures are required, or when external systems need access to Kafka data. This problem is only compounded by the relative lack of granularity in Kafka’s topic model.

Kafka + Diffusion: With Diffusion, dynamic multi-tiered security comes as standard:

  • A robust, pluggable authentication system makes it easy to combine standard security adapters (e.g. JWT, OAuth) with completely custom authentication strategies.
  • A scalable Role-based Access Control system allows unique security policies to be assigned across hundreds of thousands of active consumers, with changes to permissions applied in real-time across all active connections & subscriptions.

Kafka Only: Kafka’s architectural design as a semi-immutable append-only log is foundational to its success, but also introduces challenges when dealing with efficiency and optimization of network resources. Many implementations of a Kafka-based architecture end up suffering from the “firehose” problem.

Kafka + Diffusion: Diffusion takes an intelligent approach to the problem of distributing real-time data across unreliable networks such as the Internet, with adaptive flow-control, optional conflation of messages, and automatic delta streaming which can reduce bandwidth use by up to 90%.

The result is improved reliability & throughput with lower latency & cost - even across adverse network conditions or at a mass scale.

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Diffusion Cloud is used successfully by customers around the world to send billions of real-time messages each month. We have now made it even easier to get your applications up and running in minutes to deliver data to 10's of thousands of users in real-time.

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Quickly build real-time, secure, high-performance applications that scale easily and satisfy today's consumer expectations.

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