Modernize & Upgrade Legacy Systems

With Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform, modernizing legacy infrastructure is extremely simple. Connect and convert polling-based data sources to event-based and real-time streaming solutions via simple connectors and adapters for fast integration of legacy systems.

What Diffusion provides

Diffusion introduces key quality-of-service optimizations at the transport layer. By acting as a central distribution mechanism, Diffusion can apply per-connection flow-control to ensure that applications receive data at a rate that they can handle. This prevents back-end systems from being bottlenecked by slower consumers of data. Even unoptimized systems can be effectively utilized with no additional development work required to cope with higher volumes of traffic. Diffusion’s network-first design uses minimal overhead for each connection, supporting far higher numbers of concurrent connections on a single instance than traditional back-end solutions are designed to handle.

Diffusion Integrations Supported

  • REST
  • Kafka
  • Database
  • JMS
  • JMX
  • RabbitMQ
  • And more...

Extend Back-End & Legacy Systems

extending back-end and legacy systems diagram

Due to Diffusion’s reliability, we reduced our off-hours, on-site support personnel by 90%.

- OddsChecker

Extend Back-End & Legacy Systems

Extend back-end data pipelines over the internet with Diffusion Adapters for MQ, DB, REST, Kafka and more. Increase the reliability, scalability, and functionality of in-place systems – unlocking new technical and business opportunities.

The fundamental responsibility of any Real-Time API Management platform is to integrate with existing data sources and extend them to new consumers over edge networks such as web, mobile, and satellite. The Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform provides out-of-the-box adapters to back-end products including Kafka, JMS, and Apache Camel, empowering businesses to easily capitalize on existing event stream data to drive new applications. Diffusion also provides adapters for non-streaming resources such as REST and SQL, for easy transformation of traditional polling-based APIs into real-time streams.

REST Adapter

REST adapter diagram

Kafka Adapter

Kafka Diffusion adapter diagram