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The Real-Time API Management Platform built by the pioneers of event-driven real-time data management and distribution.

Diffusion powers business for leading brands worldwide – trusted to manage, secure, and deliver application & system data to Web, Mobile, and IoT applications everywhere. Businesses developing next-generation, event-driven applications use Diffusion to reliably and securely deliver data across the Internet—at scale and in real time.

Diffusion API benefit list

The Real-Time API Management Platform

Single View of Data

Modern application architectures involve a myriad of data producers and consumers – all of which need to be connected and coordinated. Diffusion provides a consistent data model for the last mile, with a secure, centralized platform for integration, management, and distribution of real-time data for every end-point across the Internet.

Develop Sophisticated Applications

Diffusion is the only platform that delivers Pub/Sub Streaming, Time Series Queries, Request/Response Messaging and Async RPC in a single platform. Easily develop sophisticated real-time applications using Diffusion’s bi-directional communication layer, with native SDKs available for whichever technology stack your applications require – allowing developers to focus on using data, not how to deliver it.

Designed for the Web

For application and system developers, the realities of the Internet – congested lines, intermittent disconnections, variable latencies – cannot be ignored. With powerful session management features, Diffusion is purpose-built to ease the pain of delivering data in even the most adverse conditions. Automatic reconnect, catch-up & replay, and adaptive queuing allow Diffusion to deliver the best possible performance for each individual connection.

Extend Internal Systems

Unlock new opportunities with minimal effort by using Diffusion’s broad range of integrations – included Kafka, REST, and Apache Camel – enabling front-end applications to easily make use of data held in internal or legacy systems that simply aren’t designed for the internet.

Manage Systems

Operational visibility and management of live systems is key for any business. Diffusion provides a Dashboard UI with granular views of real-time metrics. Management features exposed through Diffusion’s SDKs allow your back-end services to take full control over application behavior, enabling bespoke management of data and connections across your entire system.

Rock Solid Operations

Advanced Security

Make use of Diffusion’s flexible, enterprise-grade security systems to manage every aspect of data access control. Ensure only trusted users can connect by using whichever authentication services you need – from LDAP to Single Sign-On providers. Dynamically change roles and permissions on-the-fly, allowing your access control to become truly reactive.

Reliability you can trust

Guaranteeing availability and delivery is hard, but Diffusion is here to help. With a clustering model that fully replicates data and connections, Diffusion allows you to easily scale to meet demand while supporting connection fail-over, data persistence, and node recovery.

Global Scalability

As businesses & applications grow, data grows with them. Diffusion’s cross-region scaling capabilities remove the difficulties of ensuring a consistent view of data over remote regions. With highly efficient replication between data-centers, Diffusion facilitates real-time delivery of data around the world with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Data Optimization

Achieve unparalleled performance and throughput from Diffusion’s automatic optimization of data distribution. With a highly efficient binary protocol, Diffusion is able to intelligently make use of compression, flow-control, conflation and delta streaming to deliver real-time data at a fraction of the bandwidth used by other solutions.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Anywhere

Diffusion is available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in hybrid configurations to suit any business demands. Manage your own deployments using Diffusion software editions, or select Diffusion Cloud for a fully-managed SaaS solution. Business select and control how and where Diffusion runs, with full support for Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Providers such as AWS & Azure.

Simple Connections

Diffusion Adapters

Unlocking data and extending legacy systems allows companies to capitalize on existing assets, streamline operations, and develop new business opportunities. The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform radically simplifies the process of extending back-end data sources across the Internet with a library of adapters for a variety of common data sources such as REST APIs, Kafka, JMS & MQTT. The Diffusion adapters allow multiple back-end services to publish data into Diffusion, with front-end applications consuming this data through a single Diffusion SDK. Diffusion offloads the burden from systems not built for high-volume, real-time data distribution over the Internet and provides fast, easy, and secure connection to legacy systems data.

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Push Technology's unmatched, data-centric pricing – coupled with our patented, two-way, real-time, delta data streaming technology that reduces bandwidth requirements – assures optimal cost efficiency for our customers.

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