Over 90% reduction in bandwidth used

1M Connections

Supports over 1M concurrent connections with a real-time event broker

1M Topics

Supports over 1M topics using a hierarchical data model

Bring new capabilities to your applications

Gaining and keeping customers can be highly dependent on application responsiveness. We understand creating and evolving applications can be costly, so we made adding real-time and personalization capabilities easier.

  • Data Gateway
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Distribution


Makes it easy to integrate with any data source within your data center or outside with pre-built Adapters for Kafka, MQTT, REST, JMS or backend applications using our WebSocket based SDKs in all popular languages, Accommodates both streaming and static data sources, Supports any size, format, or velocity of data.

What We Provide Our Customers

Faster time-to-market and efficient operation in production

  • COST
A holistic platform with low-code features to simplify coding efforts for faster time-to-market
  • WebSocket based SDKs in all popular programming languages
  • Low-Code Features to simplify coding efforts to organize data
  • Easy to integrate with any data sources with pre-built adapters
  • Choice of Communication methods – Pub-Sub, Req-Resp, Event History
  • REST API, Open-Protocols and Adapters to integrate legacy Apps.

Bring new possibilities to your application

  • 1. Real-Time Event Broker
  • 2. Delta Streaming
  • 3. Hierarchical Topic Trees
  • 4. Low Code Features
  • 5. Open Protocols
  • 6. Fine-Grained Security
  • 7. Seamless Scalability
  • 8. Analytics Dashboard
  • 9. Mesh Architecture
  • 10. Integrations

One of four delivery mechanisms available inside Diffusion enabling you to publish real-time data to hundreds of thousands of consumers efficiently.


Provide reliable two-way messaging between multiple endpoints allowing you to build sophisticated asynchronous interactions


Store real-time events and dynamically query historical data enabling you to replay past events at any point in time.


Retrieve snapshots from real-time streams and efficiently access static data through a simple query API.


How our Product Works

An overview of Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform and its capabilities

Push Technology

Our Customers

Diffusion is a secure, robust, fast & flexible real-time platform which supports our Electronic Trading Platform & the features within our GUI.

Yann L’Huillier

Group CIO, Tradition​

Founded in 1959, Tradition is one of the world leaders in the IDB (Interdealer broker) sector of financial and non-financial products.

PUSH Diffusion was selected to deliver real-time pricing data, research reports, trade alerts and risk reports for Tradition’s new cloud-based data and & analytics SaaS offerings. Diffusion scales to meet the trade volumes Tradition needs, with lower compute and network capacity demands. Learn more – here.

Push Technology

Our Customers

A huge benefit of Diffusion is the efficient distribution of data to support real-time mobile apps and allow us to provide a seamless customer experience.

Ed Braidwood

IT Operations Manager​

Racing Post is the online home of the UK’s number one horse racing daily newspaper. Its website, bookkeeper kiosks, and mobile apps have become the online destination of choice for horse racing enthusiasts.

With Diffusion, in addition to providing instant results, new value-added services such as in-race, live-text commentaries, analytical statistics, race status data, and lets customers know when new website content – such as a live news ticker – is available. Learn more - here.

Push Technology

Our Customers

We have set-up a completely cloud-based infrastructure and we can develop, test, and go into production with Diffusion Cloud for free – a huge benefit for a young company.

Philipp Roeben

Co-Founder & CIO​

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Munich, GRATISBROKER, offers free trading of more than 3,600 stocks, around 180 ETFs and over 2,100 funds.

To provide, live, event-driven information in real-time to many thousands of customers online, the GRATISBROKER platform is built on Diffusion. Now, the trading platform provides high quality-of-service along with the scalability to meet demand peaks. Learn more - here.

Simplicity in Action

Our powerful real-time SDKs and Service API make building applications simple. See how easy it is to create streaming and REST based applications.

  • Publish-Subscribe
  • REST
  • Request-Response
  • Time Series
  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Java
  • C
  • Python


// Add a topic and set its value
    host : "",
    port : "",
    principal : "admin",
    credentials : ""
}).then(function(session) {
    // Use the new session here

session.topics.add('my-topic', diffusion.topics.TopicType.JSON);
var value = { foo : "bar" };
var result = session.topicUpdate.set("my-topic", diffusion.datatypes.json(), value);


// Subscribe to topics.
    host : "",
    port : "",
    principal : "admin",
    credentials : ""
}).then(function(session) {
    // Use the new session here

                  function(topic, specification, newValue, oldValue) {
  console.log('New value:', newValue.get());


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