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Diffusion is the only real-time, 2-way, delta data streaming platform available for on-premise and/or in-the-cloud applications. Regardless of where your app runs, Push Technology provides the right platform and all the tools you need to assure that your applications are real-time, scalable, and infrastructure and bandwidth efficient - the best of all worlds!


Push Technology's Diffusion on-premise integrates with new or legacy systems to solve the speed, reliability, and efficiency challenges of delivering realtime, two-way, data streaming to web, mobile, and IoT applications. Download FREE today!

Diffusion Cloud

Push Technology's Diffusion Cloud solves developers' need for speed, reliability, and efficiency in delivering realtime, two-way, data streaming to web, mobile, and IoT applications. Signup FREE today!

Pub/Sub Messaging
Point-Point Messaging
Native JSON support
Delta Streaming
Unlimited Topics
Push Notifications
SSL Protection
Support Community Access
Role-Based Security
Failover Support
Management Console
Drive Revenue
Reduce Infrastructure Cost
Manage Competitive Pressure
Assure Application Performance
Handle Unreliable Networks


Today’s demand for high-quality, digital experiences means that business systems and applications must exchange data fast, efficiently, and intelligently, at scale, while interacting with a wide variety of devices, browsers, and other applications, over a shared network full of unknowns - the Internet.

Diffusion handles all of these challenges with unique, patented, technology features.


Diffusion is a smart data broker and cache. It intelligently analyzes the data for updates and only streams changes to the connected applications. In addition, Diffusion automatically removes out-of-date or redundant data.

On-Premise, In-the-Cloud, or Both

Diffusion Cloud is the only streaming data solution available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or as a hybrid allowing companies to manage infrastructure and applications to best support business.

Delta Data Streaming

Diffusion’s patented delta data streaming substantially reduces the size of the data transmitted. As a result, companies can efficiently distribute fast-changing data, to a huge number of simultaneously connected users - in real time.

Network Connectivity

Diffusion understands how clients and connections are performing and will gracefully manage any client that needs to resume sessions after a loss of connectivity.


Of course Diffusion does all of the standard things you would expect from and enterprise hardened streaming data solution.