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Give your users a captivating, real-time experience, today!

Diffusion is the only real-time, two-way, delta data streaming platform available for on-premise, in-the-cloud, or hybrid applications. Regardless of where your business dictates that your application must run, Push Technology provides the right platform and tools to assure that your applications are real-time, scalable, and infrastructure and bandwidth efficient – the best of all worlds!


Push Technology's Diffusion on-premise integrates with new or legacy systems to solve the speed, reliability, and efficiency challenges of delivering real-time, two-way, data streaming for web, mobile, and IoT applications. Download FREE today!

Diffusion Cloud

Push Technology's Diffusion Cloud solves developers' need for speed, reliability, and efficiency in delivering real-time, two-way, data streaming to web, mobile, and IoT applications. Signup FREE today!

Pub/Sub Messaging
Point-Point Messaging
Native JSON support
Delta Streaming
Unlimited Topics
Push Notifications
SSL Protection
Support Community Access
Role-Based Security
Failover Support
Management Console
Drive Revenue
Reduce Infrastructure Cost
Manage Competitive Pressure
Assure Application Performance
Handle Unreliable Networks


Today’s demand for high quality digital experiences means that business systems and applications must exchange data fast, efficiently, intelligently, and at scale, while interacting with a wide variety of devices, browsers, and other applications, over a shared network full of unknowns – the Internet.

Diffusion handles all of these challenges with unique, patented technology.


Diffusion is a smart data broker and cache. It intelligently analyzes the data for updates and only streams changes to the connected applications. In addition, Diffusion automatically removes out-of-date or redundant data.

On Premise, In the Cloud, or Both

Diffusion Cloud is the only streaming data solution available on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid, allowing companies to manage infrastructure and applications to best support business requirements.

Delta Data Streaming

Diffusion’s patented, delta data streaming is intelligent. Diffusion is “data aware," so it tracks and knows which data has changed and sends only the deltas. Diffusion’s intelligence substantially reduces the size and amount of data transmitted. As a result, companies can efficiently distribute fast-changing data to a huge number of simultaneously connected users – in real time.

Network Connectivity

Diffusion understands how clients and connections are performing and will gracefully manage any client that needs to resume sessions after a loss of connectivity.


Of course Diffusion does all of the standard things you would expect from an enterprise hardened streaming data platform.