Push Technology Announces Diffusion 5.7

Push Technology - June 14, 2016

New features in Push Technology’s realtime messaging solutions, Diffusion and Diffusion Cloud, improve application performance, data efficiency and information security

San Jose, CA and London, UK – June 15th, 2016 – Push Technology today announced new features of its real-time messaging solutions, Diffusion and Diffusion Cloud, including JSON/binary delta streaming and enhanced information security. The patent-pending features make live data subscription streams possible for JSON/binary deltas, offer native JavaScript support and enable granular access controls for applications, users and data objects.

Andy Piper, CTO at Push Technology said, “JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) may offer much improved data efficiency over its predecessors (such as XML), but the attribute markup still represents significant overhead on the wire.”

Push Technology’s delta streaming feature provides clients only the differences between old and new data, rather than providing the entire JSON payload – limiting the need to send markup that isn’t changing from one message to the next. Delta streams greatly reduce the bandwidth requirements and latency, offering up to 90% data efficiency improvement. In addition, developers can continue to integrate with existing JSON objects natively, making it fast and easy to add binary delta streaming to any application.

Piper continued, “Calculating and sending differences between data objects for efficiency is common for file transfer protocols, but is rare for message-oriented middleware and real-time messaging providers. Push Technology is well placed to take advantage of this technique due to our stateful streaming foundation and data-centric approach.”

The latest features also include role-based access control, offering granular management for each data resource. The configurable topic-scoped permissions and session properties allow backend developers to enable application, user and data level controls across data access. Organizations gain highly configurable security and effective data flow governance helping to defend against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of data.

Sean Bowen, Push Technology CEO said, “Our realtime messaging solutions, Diffusion 5.7 and Diffusion Cloud, deliver huge benefits to developers and enterprise architects. End user experience is improved with the addition of JSON delta streaming because applications perform faster and more efficiently. The reduction in data transferred ensures that web and mobile applications offer resilient performance as users move around and between different networks.”

Diffusion 5.7 is available now by download. Diffusion Cloud, the only enterprise-proven, realtime messaging service delivered via the cloud is available to try for free at IBM Bluemix or IBM Cloud.

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The Diffusion® Intelligent Event-Data Platform makes it easy to consume, enrich and deliver event-data in real-time across all network conditions. Push Technology pioneered and is the sole provider of real-time delta data streaming™ technology that powers mission-critical business applications worldwide. Leading brands use Push Technology to bring innovative products to market faster by reducing the software development efforts using the low-code features. The Diffusion® Intelligent Event-Data Platform is available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in a hybrid configuration. Learn how Push Technology can reduce infrastructure costs, and increase speed, efficiency, and reliability, of your web, mobile, and IoT application.

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