5 reasons to choose Diffusion over Pusher

  • 1. Simple Usage based pricing with Add-on Packs
    • Diffusion Cloud’s usage-based pricing means you don’t need to jump tiers when traffic volumes increase.
    • Pusher forces to upgrade to higher tier - with diffusion you can extend the limits of any tier with add-on pack. See Pricing
  • 2. Unlimited message size
    • Pusher mandates a 10kb limit on message size. No need to split your payloads, which increases complexity, overhead and cost.
    • Diffusion Cloud’s unlimited message sizes keeps your Applications simple.
  • 3. Pub-Sub with built-in Data Wrangling
    • Pusher’s simple Pub-Sub functionality only good for basic use cases.
    • Diffusion richer capabilities include data wrangling, application-specific views and deep hierarchical topic trees.
  • 4. Fine-grained Role-based security model
    • Only only Diffusion Cloud provides role-based security access controls with real-time control over permissions and connections.
    • Security is applied down to Topic level on-the-fly
  • 5. Efficient Delivery with a Real-Time Event Broker
    • Diffusion’s flow-control features enable Quality-of-Service for tiered Subscribers
    • Diffusion provides Delta Streaming, Session Management and Session Reconnection

Feature Comparison

Data Wrangling

Diffusion’s unique data wrangling capabilities allow developers to manipulate and transform real-time events without writing any code. This makes it easy to iterate on new features and applications without having to change the source of data. Pusher offers no data wrangling features.

FeaturePusherDiffusion Cloud
Remap topics No Yes
Combine topics No Yes
Filter topic values No Yes
Expand topic values No Yes
Topic lifecycle policies No Yes


Diffusion Cloud’s more sophisticated security features include role-based access controls that allow administrators to scale their security model without adding load to back-end systems.

FeaturePusherDiffusion Cloud
User authentication Yes Yes
Access authorization Yes Yes
Granular roles & permissions No Yes
Live changes to permissions No Yes
Subscribe on behalf of users No Yes

Event-Data Payload

Diffusion’s advanced Pub-Sub capabilities to simplify development, and make applications more responsive.

FeaturePusherDiffusion Cloud
JSON values Yes Yes
Binary values No Yes
Message history No Yes
Max message size10kbUnlimited
Batch updates No Yes
Conditional updates No Yes
JSON Patch updates No Yes

Event-Data Delivery

Applications need to receive real-time events quickly, reliably, and efficiently. In addition to Client SDKs and a REST API, Diffusion can use the MQTT protocol. Advanced message delivery features in Diffusion control over quality-of-service, bandwidth use and message delivery optimizations.

FeaturePusherDiffusion Cloud
Client SDKs Yes Yes
Automatic reconnection Yes Yes
Missed message recovery No Yes
Throttling & Delay policies No Yes
Bandwidth optimization No Yes


Diffusion Cloud offers dedicated clusters to provide the highest level of data isolation and scaling capacity. Federation of data can be easily configured without coding – either between multiple clusters in the Cloud, or as hybrid solutions with on-premises or self-hosted deployments.

FeaturePusherDiffusion Cloud
Multiple regions Yes Yes
Dedicated clusters (single tenant) No Yes
Federate data across clusters No Yes
Usage-based pricing model No Yes
On-Prem options No Yes
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