Real-Time Data Streaming

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform is designed to easily publish & receive live data across unlimited web & mobile users.

  • Stream changes to data in real-time, or use asynchronous direct messaging for sophisticated application-level interactions.
  • Maintain a single, unified view over your application’s entire data model that can be easily extended across the internet to hundreds of thousands of simultaneously connected users and devices.

Real Time API Management

Deliver rich application experiences

An important benefit for Real-Time API Management is the way in which it simplifies development of applications. Modern applications often require multiple types of data interactions -- event streams, direct messaging, and time series data are all leveraged to deliver rich application experiences and functionality. Diffusion is a unified platform to support multiple mechanisms for distributing data among systems, applications, and devices; with security and management layers applied above all data flows. Development teams who use Diffusion can focus on core business features, instead of low-level transport concerns, which allows their organizations to quickly and easily capitalize on existing or new data sources with significantly lower development costs and go-to-market time.

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