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An important benefit for Real-Time API Management is the way in which it simplifies development of applications. Modern applications often require multiple types of data interactions -- event streams, direct messaging, and time series data are all leveraged to deliver rich application experiences and functionality. Diffusion is a unified platform to support multiple mechanisms for distributing data among systems, applications, and devices; with security and management layers applied above all data flows. Development teams who use Diffusion can focus on core business features, instead of low-level transport concerns, which allows their organizations to quickly and easily capitalize on existing or new data sources with significantly lower development costs and go-to-market time.

"We made the right choice - Diffusion integration only took 2 weeks and the performance is great!"

- Brenock


var value = { foo : 'bar' };
var result = session.topicUpdate.set('my-topic', diffusion.datatypes.json(), value);
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session.addStream('my-topic', diffusion.datatypes.json()).on('value', function(topic, specification, newValue, oldValue) {
  console.log(`New value for ${path}: ${newValue.get()}`);'my-topic');
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