Recruitment Terms

Our Policy

Unless we contact you, we will not accept any calls or agency applications! We have limited bandwidth and simply do
not have the time to handle the calls that we get every day from different recruiters. All cold calls will be
rebuffed, so please don’t bother our team!

Please do not call us without prior arrangement. Our requirements are posted on our careers page please use them. Cold calls will almost always be rebuffed.

All open positions are advertised on our Careers page. If you want to know whom we are trying to hire please look there. We also post job openings on our social media pages.

Only submit candidates via our Careers page. If you have a candidate that you believe to be appropriate for one of the roles we are advertising, please submit exactly as a candidate would except use your email/phone instead of the candidate’s. We need their name to determine if they have already applied for a role. If you are sending multiple candidates, you must do so one at a time. Submitting via the web is the only avenue through which we will review CVs. We strongly recommend that you have candidates submit applications themselves so that they have an understanding of the role’s requirements and their fit to it.

Our Promise to You

We will always respect the confidentiality of your candidate. In the event that we are interested in your
candidate, we will get in touch with you. If you do not hear from us, please assume we are not interested in them.
If we think you’ve done a good job understanding our requirement then we will endeavor to provide you with
feedback on candidates that are not quite right.

We will never sign any Terms & Conditions. Treat this Web page as our contract. Regardless of whether you attach
your own terms to your email, by sending us applicants you are tacitly accepting our terms. It is simply not
practical for our legal department to review every recruiter’s terms.

We will never work on an exclusive or a retained basis. Please don’t ask.

We will never prejudice a candidate on the basis that they have come via a recruiter.


We pay 10% Y1 basic salary (no consideration is given to Bonus/Commission etc.). We will always pay within 30
days of invoice, not to be issued before the candidate has started. If we hire a candidate that you have introduced to
us more than 6 months after the introduction then we will pay 50% of the rate expected for the original hire. If your
candidate leaves within 30 days we will pay you 25% fee, 30-60 days and you will refund us 50% fee, and 60-90 days
you will refund us 25% fee.

If you can’t/won’t adhere to any of the above then please don’t submit candidates.