Reliable Delivery

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform ensures every message is received in order with minimal latency, even over slow connections.

Automatic Reliable Reconnect

Diffusion automatically handles connection failures for both the server and the client. When a client loses its connection, it retains a buffer of any in-flight messages sent to the server and will automatically attempt to reconnect. Similarly, the server buffers any in-flight messages at the point of disconnection, retains the disconnected client’s subscriptions, and queues any subsequent outbound messages.

Upon successful recovery both the client and server re-transmit any missed messages before resuming normal operations. Users of the client SDKs are notified of these connection state changes and can respond appropriately (e.g. providing a UI notification), without worrying about the specifics of re-establishing connectivity.

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Real Time API Management

Quality of Service

A key differentiator between conventional and Real-Time API Management is the Quality of Service, which affects the performance and viability of all aspects of the data flow. When dealing with polling-based REST APIs, the ability to explicitly handle connection quality is limited by the fundamental delivery mechanisms.

By comparison, because Diffusion operates on streams of data, it provides significantly more sophisticated mechanisms for maintaining consistent and reliable data delivery. Automatic optimization of data assures extremely efficient performance, even for large numbers of remote devices – ideal for IoT scenarios where the cost of bandwidth can be a significant issue. Regardless of scale or throughput, Diffusion guarantees that all real-time data will be delivered quickly, efficiently, and reliably, under even the most adverse conditions.

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Diffusion Extends & Optimizes