The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform coordinates complex interactions between front-end apps & back-end services.

What's Unique...

Diffusion introduces the concept of Topic - a logical channel through which messages are delivered and a logical link between publishers and subscribers are created- What makes Diffusion unique is the ability for each topic to retain its last value.

  • This means that whenever an application subscribes to a topic it will immediately receive the latest state without having to explicitly request and wait for a new update from back-end producers.
  • This allows systems to use Diffusion as both a delivery mechanism as well as a message cache; reducing back-end load and substantially simplifying application design.

Messaging for Today's
Demanding Applications

  • Messages can be sent directly to one or many connections, with delivery acknowledgements and configurable timeouts – providing reliable and predictable messaging behavior.
  • Diffusion can automatically load-balance inbound messages across multiple recipients, supporting highly-available back-end systems.
  • Diffusion automatically correlates responses to the original message sender, simplifying code complexity and speeding development of complex application interactions.

Diffusion Extends & Optimizes