JSON Delta Streaming

To demonstrate the efficiency savings JSON topics can provide,
this page listens to a stream of all tweets that contain the word
'Push'. The raw JSON that the Twitter API delivers is published into a JSON topic.



Raw JSON Data



JSON Delta Stream



Percent Data Saved

JSON != Data Efficiency

JSON may offer much improved data efficiency over its predecessors (such as XML),
but the attribute markup still represents significant overhead on the wire.

While calculating and sending differences between data objects for efficiency is common for file transfer protocols, it is rare for message-oriented middleware and real-time messaging services.

Push Technology changes all that – leveraging our (patent-pending) delta streaming feature, JSON data objects can be optimized to reduce overhead and increase performance.

Up to 90% efficiency improvement

Push Technology’s delta streaming feature provides clients only the differences between old and new data, rather than providing the entire JSON payload – limiting the need to send markup and data that isn’t changing from one message to the next.

Delta streams greatly reduce the bandwidth requirements and latency, offering up to 90% data efficiency improvement.

Invisible to Developers

Only the deltas are sent across the wire. When delivered to the client these deltas are automatically reassembled into the full data payload.

Developers can continue to integrate with existing JSON objects natively, making it fast and easy to add JSON delta streaming to any application.


Create your own JSON Delta Stream



Download Diffusion

Download Diffusion from the following link.

Download Diffusion

Diffusion comes with a free 5-user licence, so you can get started immediately.

Control Client


Install Node Library

npm (Node Package Manager) can be used to install the Diffusion Node Library

$ npm install diffusion


Connect to Diffusion

Once Diffusion is installed and running, connecting over JavaScript is easy.


Creating JSON Topic

To make use of the JSON streaming features, the topic should be created with a JSON topic type.


Publishing to JSON topic

Once the topic is created, use the Twit library to listen to streams of a word of your choice. These updates can then be used to update the JSON topic created in step 3.

Subscribing Client


Connect to Diffusion

Connect to Diffusion in the same way as the control client. Include the Diffusion JavaScript library in your page.


Subscribe to topics.

Subscribe to the JSON topic you created in your control client. This will provide you with the complete JSON data structure. You can then output this to the browser console.