Secure Access

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform provides flexible “hook-in” authentication mechanisms and role-based permission system to meet organizations’ security requirements. Granular access controls determine who can see specific subsets of the live data model, while application-level controls over data & session lifecycles enable total management of system events.

Real Time API Management

Security made easy

Access control is a core concern for any business moving data. Exposing real-time data feeds can introduce additional operational risk, if not properly managed. At the same time, the ability to expose real-time feeds enables substantial opportunity for revenue growth. As a unified platform, Diffusion acts as a single access point to deliver centralized security control over all real-time data. Diffusion’s pluggable authentication system allows businesses to enforce identity control across all data using whatever mechanisms are required -- SSO, LDAP, or custom authentication -- with fine-grained permissions and dynamic authorization for granular access control to easily grant or revoke privileges, as required.

  • When clients connect to Diffusion, a back-end system can provide a set of Roles which will be applied to the new connection.
  • Each Role provides a granular set of Permissions that control what a connection is able to do and what data it is able to receive. Because these permissions are stored server-side, connections need only authenticate once.
  • Using Diffusion to handle front-end security policies reduces the need to duplicate policies across multiple back-end services that would otherwise be connected directly to these front-end applications. Read more

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