Single View of Data

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform provides a single, multidimensional view of live data and data sources. See and access it all – your data, your customers, your transactions, your entire business – in real time.

What Diffusion provides

We provide a single, secure, unified way of distributing and synchronizing shared data models across all connected applications and systems.

Using Diffusion as an edge-tier layer, developers no longer need to invest time and effort into connecting varied and disparate back-end data sources to front-end applications, and the operational overhead of exposing and scaling multiple back-end services across the Internet is minimized with Diffusion.

"For operational teams, Diffusion provides a central point of control for configuring quality-of-service and data access policies, reducing the overhead of managing and scaling application data across the Internet."

Using Diffusion as a Single point of access

  • Using Diffusion as a Single Point-of-Access for your system’s distributed data model radically simplifies: architectural complexity, operational management, & front-end development.
  • The ability to extend traditionally bottle-necked, back-end, data sources across the Internet in a simple and scalable manner provides new business opportunities, while reducing the time and resources required to maintain existing infrastructure.

Security & Single

“We needed to build a single piece of code to manage a variety of web transports – Diffusion does that, plus we got>5 times latency reduction!- Derivco