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The Push Technology Support and Services team offers you a decade of experience working with customers’ engineering teams to develop, test, and optimize data-driven, mission-critical, corporate applications and systems. Our in-depth market knowledge, test suite, and development expertise, assure that your applications are reliable, secure, infrastructure-efficient, and highly-scalable, to guarantee successful delivery of the performance required to meet your business growth objectives.

Our Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform is purpose-built to unify, centralize management, and optimize streaming data and message delivery – in real-time. With Diffusion, developers do not have to worry about the intricacies of data management. On-premise, in-the-cloud, or in hybrid environments – Diffusion makes application development simple.

To further ease and speed your application development, we are much more than a product company. Our customer services team has the knowledge and experience, to support development, testing, and deployment of high performance, massively scalable, real-time applications. To compete effectively, you need a product and service partner with market experience and an in-depth understanding of the nuances of your market and application users.

Push Technology is focused on Event Data Management, handling and performance. Your infrastructure configuration (on premise, in-the-cloud, or a hybrid); network latency issues; connection quality, transmission frequency, and scalability needs; and the data management of your systems must be addressed in order to satisfy your business requirements.

Push Technology pioneered Event Data Management technology, and the support services required to rapidly and successfully deploy event-driven, real-time, data-dependent applications. We have honed our expertise for a decade, we understand your challenges, and our products and services are purpose-built to assure your business success.

Product Support & Services
Standard Product Support
Expert assistance from our technical support team and field engineers is just a phone call away. Plus
comprehensive on-line documentation and sample code is available at your fingertips. We also offer a wide
array of support plans tailored to fit the exact needs of your technical team.
Service Level Assurance
Push Technology’s experts are available to respond to your questions and calls within minutes, not hours or days. Your schedule is our schedule.
Consulting Services
Need help with your infrastructure sizing, determining optimal operational system configuration, or need
general technical expertise to assist your team with your application development and deployment plan? Our experts are available to help with any of the challenges your team faces and to guarantee the successful launch of your applications
Special Event Support
Push Technology offers Special Event Support for customers who want “insurance” to assure smooth operations during business-critical events. Special Event Support options are available for dedicated Push Technology support experts to provide remote and/or at-the-event support.

Solution Packages

Ask us about our Standard, Expansion, and Enterprise Solution Packages that speed the development, test, and deployment of your applications. Each Solution Package comprises: the products you need – Diffusion, Diffusion Cloud, or a hybrid configuration – plus an optimal set of consulting and support services, for a cost-effective, bundled price.

Push Technology Solution Packages are based upon our substantial market experience and resulting in expert knowledge of the services required to effectively develop, test, and deploy high-performance, Enterprise-grade, mission-critical business applications. Our Solution Packages shorten your development cycle, optimize your budget, and speed your applications into successful production operation to drive your revenue and business growth.

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