Gathering a Multiplexer Diagnostic Dump with JConsole

Diffusion 5.9

Diffusion 6.0

Diffusion 6.1

Diffusion 6.2

Diffusion 6.3

Diffusion Cloud

To diagnose some issues, you may need to gather performance information about your Diffusion server’s client multiplexers. You can do this using JConsole, which is part of the Oracle Java Development Kit. 1. Make sure you have installed the Oracle JDK including JConsole. Java SE 8 is recommended for maximum compatibility. 2. Start JConsole. Provided JDK_HOME/bin is in your system path, you can simply use the command line to run: jconsole Full JConsole documentation is available here. 3. The JConsole GUI opens: JConsole GUI New Connection screen Connect to the Diffusion server, either by selecting it from Local Process or connecting using Remote Process. When connecting remotely, the default ports to try are 1099 or 1100, unless set differently in your Diffusion server’s /etc/Management.xml configuration file. For Username and Password, enter a valid Diffusion principal (for example, admin or client) and password. Consult the JConsole documentation if you have any problems connecting. 4. Click on the MBeans tab at the top right. 5. In the left-hand panel, expand com.pushtechnology.diffusion using the arrow at the left. Expand MultiplexerManager, click the server name (for example, “”), then expand Operations. Click on diagnosticReport. JConsole GUI showing how to select diagnosticReport 6. Click the diagnosticReport button in the main panel. 7. JConsole saves the report as a set of CSV files in a /logs/multiplexer-diagnostics-* directory within your Diffusion installation directory, where * is a string of digits. JConsole opens a window telling you the exact path that the report was saved in. Each new report goes into a new multiplexer-diagnostics-* directory, so if you have gathered previous reports, make sure you are looking in the correct directory for the one you just created. You should get four CSV files for each multiplexer on your Diffusion server. If you have been asked by Push Technology support to provide this diagnostic dump, please send us all the CSV files.