Accessing Customer Dropbox

Diffusion 5.9

Diffusion 6.0

Diffusion 6.1

Diffusion 6.2

Diffusion 6.3

Diffusion Cloud

Occasionally, it may be required to send or receive large files from Diffusion Support. If these files are too large to send by email, Push Technology offer a ‘Dropbox’ server facility for uploading or downloading large files.

  • External access over port 22 (SSH) or port 443 (HTTPS).
  • GUI based SFTP client (FileZilla recommended).
  • Web browser (if only download is required).
  • SFTP –
  • Web Browser –

Client Config – FileZilla

Go to File > Site Manager… Create a New Site with the following details.

  • Host –
  • Port – leave blank
  • Server Type – SFTP
  • Logon Type – Normal
  • User – provided by support
  • Password – provided by support

Save details by clicking OK Re-enter Site Manager, click the site you wish to access and click Connect. Customer Dropbox


Your account has two folders, Upload and Download. The Download folder will contain any files that Support has provided for you to download, the Upload folder is for you to send files to Support. There is no shell access to this directory.