Getting Started with the Unified C Client on Mac OS X

Diffusion 5.9

Diffusion 6.0

Diffusion 6.1

Diffusion 6.2

Diffusion 6.3

Diffusion Cloud

This is a quick guide on how to get started with Diffusion’s Unified C client on Mac OS X. This example is using Diffusion v5.5.1, but the steps are the same for any version greater than v5.5.

  1. Navigate to the ./clients/c/ directory within your diffusion installation.
  2. Unzip the OS X build into a folder of your choice
  3. Navigate into the ./diffusion-c-osx-5.5.1/examples folder
  4. Run the make all command from a terminal within this directory – this will compile all .c files. make all command
  5. The executables will be located in the ./target/bin directory
    C Executables
  6. For example, I can run the rc-state example against a diffusion server with the following command:
    RC State Command
  7. Requirements of the C API are listed here, along with an example on how to create a makefile to compile your own Unified C client