Slow Start Time for Diffusion with JMX Enabled

Diffusion 5.9

Diffusion 6.0

Diffusion 6.1

Diffusion 6.2

Diffusion 6.3

Diffusion Cloud


Diffusion startup is extremely slow starting up when Mac OS X is being used and JMX is enabled. The output in the log will stop at the following message for several minutes INFO|main|PUSH-000159|The maximum message size is 32768 bytes.|com.pushtechnology.diffusion.DiffusionController. Please see attached file. The startup process will eventually resume. It is unlikely you will experience this issue in a production environment as hostnames/IP address will usually be fixed.


The cause of this issue is that the LAN DNS is misconfigured. The Diffusion server will attempt to connect to a JMX server at the wrong hostname/IP. If a JMX server does not exist at this location the startup process will hang.


  • Check the configuration of your LAN DNS settings and ensure these are correct.
  • If this does not fix the error disable JMX in the Management.xml file in /etc within Diffusion.