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The following article is provided on an advice basis only. This article references 3rd party software that may require licensing. This article outlines tools that are available to help debug issues with Diffusion deployments. Many of the programs discussed generate reports which can be used to diagnose the issues being experienced. Push Technology support may request one or more of the following reports in order to find resolutions to support queries. This guide is non-exhaustive and shows the most common information that we require to begin an investigation. It should be expected that additional information will be required from you about the issue after investigations have begun. The scenarios listed below are examples only. Due to the varied nature of the possible problems some of the information listed may not be relevant to your issue.  Running diagnostics in a production environment may impact performance. We strongly advise that you recreate the issue in either a development or QA environment.

Required Information

This information is required to enable all support investigations to commence.

  • Diffusion version
  • Java version
  • Logs of the issue (Logs at FINEST may be required. Do not enable FINEST logging in your production environment)
  • Context of what generated the issue (reproduction steps if possible)
  • Environment the issue occurred in (testing / production and physical / virtual)
  • Diffusion configuration files (/etc directory)
  • Operating system & version
  • Physical Machine specifications

Additional Information

In some cases additional information may be required to diagnose issues. Below is a non-exhaustive list of additional resources we may require.

Connectivity Issues

If you are experiencing connectivity issues between your Diffusion server and connected clients, for example client disconnections or inability to connect, the following information will be required.

  • Packet Capture of Issues

Performance Issues

If you are experiencing performance issues with your Diffusion server, for example, clients being disconnected or warning of multiplexers queues being full, the following information may be required.

  • Thread Dump of issue
  • Java Flight Recording (JFR)
  • Remote JMX connection credentials
  • System Performance Monitoring (Nmon – Linux only)
  • Linux Profiling
  • Windows Performance Monitoring

JavaScript Client Issues

For issues surrounding a JavaScript client, the following information may be required.

  • JavaScript client logs