Time Series

The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform combines the power of real-time Pub/Sub with Time Series data, allowing live updates and dynamic querying historical data to perform analysis or event playback. Non-destructive editing enables data control while preserving full auditing capabilities.

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Time Series Streaming

For systems that collect any form of time- indexed data, the ability to store and query historic events is a key requirement. Other MQ solutions have no support for time series data, forcing developers to spend time integrating with additional products. Diffusion provides out-of-the-box support for time series data, allowing topics to be treated as append-only logs. This allows topics to retain the full benefits of real-time pub/sub, while providing a query API in order to select ranges of historic events. To accommodate common use-cases such as chat applications, multiple clients can concurrently update the same time series topic as well as being able to non- destructively edit historic events. Read more

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