The transportation industry is a vast international ecosystem that covers everything related to the major modes of transport via road, rail, marine, and air. The industry provides transportation for passengers and cargo, warehousing and storage for goods, scenic and sightseeing transportation. There are myriad support activities related to all of the transportation modes including: customer reservations, cargo tracking, logistics, fleet and facility management, and maintenance and repair services.

“Every aspect of the transportation industry operates on information pouring in and out of the rising digital infrastructure of applications and systems, often in real time.”


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Although the shipping industry is often considered traditional for its slow embrace of new technologies, many companies are harnessing the power of technological advancement. With the ever-increasing people and cargo loads, and ship sizes, the pressure is on to streamline operations.

As a result, the shipping industry is currently undergoing a massive shift toward smart technologies, revamping sea going operations, fleet management, cargo monitoring and tracking, and on-board experience for clients.

“Without Diffusion, the Ocean Guardian system would be performing unnecessary, repetitious work for every shipboard device connected, wasting valuable memory and CPU processing power – increasing operational costs.”

Ben Rogers, CTO, Brenock

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In order to provide smooth passenger travel and efficient cargo transport, airlines must constantly engage, serve, and deliver and track information and transactions for their customers – 24x7x365. To be effective, airline applications and systems must constantly monitor and manage data to assure an optimal customer experience, efficient equipment maintenance, and optimal supplier, fleet, and terminal logistics. The Internet of Things plays a large part in the success of this endeavor.

airline IoT benefits diagram

Airlines are developing and enhancing mobile, web, and even smartwatch applications, for both customers and airline personnel to streamline operations and improve profitability.

“The Internet of Things will enable a truly connected airline to be a smart airline as well, deliver exceptional customer services, and win in the marketplace.”

Pranay Das Sabre, Airline Solutions

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For CTOs, CIOs, and architects in markets outside transportation, there are lessons to learn. Transportation Industry leaders have demonstrated that business can be expanded, new opportunities gained, and new markets opened using the Diffusion Event Data Platform.

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