Practical guides to using Diffusion with different use cases and technology stacks. More tutorials coming soon!

“Hello World” with Diffusion Cloud and the JavaScript SDK

A very simple project to get you started using the JavaScript SDK to connect to Diffusion Cloud

“Hello World” With Diffusion’s REST API

A "Hello World" project with the REST API

Extend Kafka Topic Modeling with Diffusion

Introduction to Diffusion Real-Time Event Streams through a simple application using Diffusion Cloud and Apache Kafka.

Real-Time Chat App with Time Series Topics

Introduction to Diffusion Real-Time Messaging through a simple application using Diffusion.

Reconnection Strategy with Diffusion and iOS Apps

How iOS apps reconnect to Diffusion after backgrounding, and how you can specify a custom reconnection strategy

Using Topic Views 3: Extracting Source Topic Values

Building reference topics from parts of the source topic.

Using Topic Views 4: Throttling Reference Topics

Building low cost throttled reference topics.

Using Topic Views 5: Naming Reference Topic With Topic Content

Naming a reference topic with content from the source topic.

Using Topic Views 6: Changing Topic Properties Of Reference Topics

Changing the topic properties of a reference topic.