Unlock Growth & Scale

With the Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform, you can scale applications and systems quickly and easily. Diffusion is a unique, infrastructure-efficient platform that combines powerful data optimization and compression for seamless integration to the network edge.

What Diffusion provides

Diffusion easily handles high-volume traffic and data, which means that the number of servers required for production deployments is vastly reduced, compared to the infrastructure requirements of other, less performant, approaches.

Instead of having to deploy a hybrid solution of multiple REST services, with separate load- balancer pools for each back-end service, Diffusion can be used to consolidate edge-tier infrastructure - driving down cost and simplifying the management of architecture deployment.  Read More

Financial Services/Trading

“Today, our Signal Center Trading Platform easily scales, & provides fast response time & reduced network payload, due to Diffusion's state-of-the-art data optimization & delivery technology.

- Steve O’Hare,
Managing Director, Signal Centre

Using Diffusion to Reduce Infrastructure

The value of a Real-Time API Management Platform is not only the ability to manage real-time data, but also how efficiently and effectively the platform handles the scale of distribution. The wide array of corporate applications requires different types of scale including the abilities to: serve large and variable client volume, to handle tens of thousands of unique data streams, and to provide high throughput of data across geographically dispersed and/or remote regions.

Diffusion is purpose-built to deliver optimal performance and reduce operational risk across both axes of scale - traffic volume and data throughput - regardless of fluctuating conditions.


With Diffusion, we will be able to scale our servers up and down to match demand each day, and even by the hour, using the cloud infrastructure in the most cost effective way.

- Racing Post

Build your Systems to Scale

An application or system, not built with scale in mind, can have a huge impact on a business--from creating a negative impact on your brand reputation to loss of customers. Organizations must have the toolset to develop web and mobile applications that can scale quickly to support large numbers of concurrent users. Many organizations focus on how the cloud can help, rather than focusing on data and user scalability and efficiency, at the application level. This is where Diffusion comes in.

The Requirements

Today, organizations everywhere must build business applications that easily scale and run optimally over the Internet. Addressing the unknowns of the Internet is difficult and affects delivery of a reliable, resilient, and high performance application.

With the Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform, you can scale applications and systems quickly and easily.

  • Increase reliability and resiliency on congested or unreliable networks.
  • Operates with lower and efficient bandwidth usage.
  • Get fast, flexible, demand-adaptable scalability without added infrastructure.

Real-Time API Management