March 14, 2022 Vishal Kumar

Dynamic Personalization of Financial Data Streams

The webinar will discuss how to create in-flight custom views of data from a managed Kafka service, while enhancing data control and governance features on both the Kafka and the custom views.

Using live event streams from an Axual managed Kafka installation as an example the webinar will discuss how to extend the Kafka streaming capabilities, using Diffusion from Push Technology, with advanced data wrangling to create personalized data streams and deliver them efficiently to the consuming applications within the company networks and over the internet at scale.

Join us live as we discuss:

  • Reuse of existing events
  • Placement of Diffusion within governance of Kafka topics, producers and consumers
  • Data Streams and Event Streams explanation
  • Low-code data wrangling
  • Personalization of data streams
  • Efficient data delivery at scale
  • Fine-grained access control to data streams

Enjoy the rich functionality of Diffusion 6.7 as part of your event-driven application.

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