February 17, 2022 Vishal Kumar

Integrate Data Sources with Pub-Sub Using Gateway Framework

Integrating and processing data from diverse sources is a significant back-end processing activity when building Pub-Sub solutions. Detailed understanding of the Pub-Sub platform is needed to build the adapters to data sources.

Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform is introducing a new Gateway Framework with a low-code interface that does not need much knowledge of Diffusion to integrate various data sources. The goal is to reduce coding efforts and bring applications to market faster.

Join Paddy Walsh, Product Architect, Push Technology in a live webinar as he discusses the -

  • Overall Architecture and Concepts of Gateway Framework
  • Gateway Application APIs to easily build adapters for a data source
  • Payload converters to transform incoming data before publishing to Diffusion

Enjoy the rich functionality of Diffusion 6.7 as part of your event-driven application.

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