Developer Workshops

Event Driven Architecture for Trading Applications - Part 1

Join our hands-on webinar to learn how to architect a Trading Application using Event Driven Architecture. In this Part 1 you will learn how to:

  • Using Event Driven Architecture for a typical Trading Application.
  • Use of Event Broker for efficient distribution of Trading data.
  • Use Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform in 2 trading scenarios (Market Data Feeds and Stock Trading)

Advanced Pub/Sub Capabilities of Diffusion

A code-first exploration into Diffusion's advanced Pub/Sub capabilities. In this session you will learn about:

  • Publisher capabilities - Partial Update, Update Constraints, Session Locks etc.
  • Topic Capabilities - Topic Properties, Fetch feature etc.
  • and more

Using Diffusion’s Global Event Listeners & Handlers

A code-first exploration into Diffusion's global event-listeners and handlers to dynamically reflect changes in your event-data into the topic tree structure. This is a popular approach to integrating your back-end applications with Diffusion.

How to build Sportsbook Application using Diffusion

Join our hands-on webinar to quickly learn how use Diffusion Cloud to build your eGaming Sportsbook application.

Authentication and Security in Diffusion

Learn Diffusions Time Series feature, combining the message history you need with the real-time streaming you rely upon, to solve some real and interesting problems.

Message History and Time Series Topics in Diffusion

Learn Diffusion's Time Series feature, combining the message history you need with the real-time streaming you rely upon, to solve some real and interesting problems.

Advanced Messaging Capabilities in Diffusion

A code-first exploration of Diffusion's request-response messaging feature, overlooked at your peril. Ideal for first-timers as well as seasoned Diffusion developers.

Data Wrangling with Topic Views in Diffusion

Join us for a hands-on exploration of the Data Wrangling capabilities in Diffusion. Learn the data structure and content manipulation features required in an event-driven architecture. You bring the popcorn, I’ll bring the code.

Optimize Control and Accelerate Market Data for the Cloud

Join us for a detailed discussion and a live end-to-end solution demonstration of how you can optimize, control, and accelerate your market data for the cloud. The solution is produced and offered via a partnership among three technology companies well-versed in the challenges taking market data to the cloud -- Push Technology, BCC Group, and Baker Technology

Diffusion Cloud 101-1

For architects and developers who are creating real-time applications and data distribution models, join our hands-on webinar to learn how to simplify and speed your development with Diffusion Cloud.

Fundamentals of Pub/Sub with Diffusion

A code-first introduction to the most popular feature of Diffusion & Diffusion Cloud.

How to build a real-time messaging application with Diffusion Cloud

During this first Workshop, you will learn how to quickly and easily develop a simple real-time messaging application on Diffusion Cloud using JavaScript or the programming language of your choice. You will then add increasingly complex real-time capabilities to your application.