January 15, 2021

Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform

“We got a 73% messaging data savings with Diffusion!”
– Philipp Röben, Founder & CIO, Gratisbroker

The race for digital transformation is on, and every business worldwide is building event-driven, real-time applications– from financial services, transportation, and energy, to retail, healthcare, and eGaming companies.

The Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform enables organizations to accelerate innovation and deliver game-changing, real-time applications to market faster, while significantly reducing the cost of software development and operations. Diffusion is used to build new innovative applications and also to extend legacy systems.

Diffusion consumes, enriches and delivers data efficiently and in real-time with secure, dynamic access control, easy-to-use secure APIs and flexible deployment models to meet each organization’s specific business and regulatory requirements – in-the-cloud, on-premise and in hybrid environments.

Push Technology pioneered and leads the market in real-time, event-data streaming and messaging solutions that power mission-critical business applications. The company’s Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform includes:

  • Data Gateway to simplify the consumption of raw event data from a variety of sources in any size, format or velocity
  • Data Wrangling to transform event data and topic structure dynamically to suit your application and business logic
  • Data Distribution to deliver enriched event data reliably, efficiently and at a massive scale with a real-time event broker
  • Data Security in every stage of event-data delivery with dynamic, fine-grained, role-based access control at any level

Using Diffusion has enabled us to improve customer engagement, reduce costs, and exceed our growth targets. In the three years since implementation, we have seen a 20-30% growth in revenue.
– Keith Laidlaw, CIO, GVC


The Unique Features of the Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform
Diffusion’s Data Gateway makes it easy to:

  • Consume both static and streaming data from a variety of sources and prepare the data for the next stage
  • Extend back-end data pipelines with adapters for Kafka, MQTT, REST and more
  • Manage the operational activities of adapters via the unified management console
Diffusion’s Data Wrangling provides:

  • Flexible data model with event data stored as typed Topics in a Topic tree structure with path-based
  • Scalable and lightweight data storage to handle millions of Topics on a single server
  • Powerful filtering and processing of data using Topic views that provide custom feeds to reduce overhead from
    unwieldy JSON documents or automatically generate real-time custom views from a master feed
  • High-performance historical data storage using Time series Topics, with the ability to update and/or redistribute
  • Augmentation of event-data via Topic Insert easily extends business logic and client application requirements
Diffusion’s Data Delivery offers:

  • Intelligent queuing, conflation, compression and delta-streaming of messages for each client
  • Advanced pub-sub model, each client can indicate the range data in which it interested based on topic paths
  • Graceful management of client connections even under adverse network conditions with automatic recover
  • Massively scalable and easy handling of variable data loads and traffic spikes with minimal infrastructure
  • Advanced fan-out and remote topic views allow efficient cross-region data delivery with low latency
  • Asynchronous request-response messaging for sophisticated application-level interactions
  • SDKs for 7 major programming languages – Java, JavaScript, C, .NET (C#), Python, Android and Apple (Swift)
Diffusion’s Security assures:

  • Flexible authentication mechanisms (OAuth, JWT or Custom) and role-based permission system
  • Granular access controls determine who can see specific subsets of the live data model, while application level controls over data & session lifecycles enable total management of system events
  • Industry-leading scalability enables custom access rules for every individual end-user
Diffusion’s Deployment Options include:

  • Flexibility to fit business requirements and assure regulatory compliance with Diffusion Cloud (SaaS);
    Diffusion on-premise or in a private cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP); or in hybrid configurations
  • High availability with out-of-the-box cluster support and persistence
  • An Intelligent Data Mesh to connect geographically dispersed Diffusion instances using remote Topic Views

“With Diffusion, we saved 4-6 months of development time, eliminated our 2-3 hours of costly weekly downtime, and we experienced a 5X growth in our major client base. Now we can focus on analyzing markets, instead of worrying about reliably distributing our information to traders around the globe.”
– Steve O’Hare, Managing Director, Signal Centre

Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform Highlights

  • We got a 73% messaging data savings with Diffusion!
  • Industry-leading scalability enables custom access rules for every individual end-user
  • High availability with out-of-the-box cluster support and persistence