Who is Push Technology?

Web and mobile application users demand rich application experiences and if they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere.

With a small amount of time, milliseconds even, to capture the loyalty of customers, it is essential that organizations deliver performance at speed to any amount of customers, whether hundreds or thousands, that are engaging with the application on the device of their choice.

Furthermore, as the cost of bandwidth and network consumption and hardware costs continuously increase, so too does the need to reduce OPEX.

Push Technology is focused on enabling fast, scalable and efficient web and mobile applications on any net connected device to overcome these challenges.


Within every industry, there is a need to deliver efficient, scalable, real-time, high performance web and mobile applications on any device. At Push Technology, we are experts in delivering organizations the data distribution required to meet these requirements. What’s more, we have deep industry expertise across a range of industries.

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Get into Push

Push Technology’s Diffusion software is a development software platform to remove the complexity and associated challenges of developing for scale, coping with the explosion of data across networks, delivering a rich application experience and real-time conversational interactions.

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