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View the challenges of data distribution across the Internet and how to solve them.

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Develop fast, scalable and efficient web and mobile applications on any device.

About Diffusion™

Push Technology’s Diffusion software is a development software platform to remove the complexity and associated challenges of developing for scale, coping with the explosion of data across networks, delivering a rich application experience and real-time conversational interactions.

Deployed in organization’s own data centers or in the cloud, Diffusion gives developers the toolkit to create high performance, value driven and reliable web and mobile applications.

Diffusion is able to intelligently understand data to automatically remove out of date or redundant data. As a result, customers can efficiently distribute fast changing data to a large number of simultaneously connected users.

This offers a rich application experience for end users as they only receive relevant and up to date data. It also allows customers to reduce the amount of infrastructure and bandwidth consumption required to distribute data to web and mobile applications on any internet connected device.

Benefits of Diffusion

Push Technology’s Diffusion, is the ingredient software required to resolve the limitations and challenges of data distribution by speeding up the delivery of content, enabling rapid scale and optimizing data sent and received.

With Diffusion, organizations can cope with the hard part of data distribution leaving developers to focus on differentiation and innovation, whereas the business can focus on identifying new revenue opportunities.

Diffusion offers:

  • Efficiency – Send initial topic page (snapshot) and then deltas of change reducing the amount of data sent across the network, offering  [or providing] better quality of service and improved bandwidth efficiency
  • Speed – Distribute high volumes of fast-changing data in real-time with very low latency
  • Scale – Huge numbers of simultaneous app connections supported on commodity hardware
  • Interactivity – Real time ‘Bi-directional’ interactions
  • Platform Independence – Streaming support for all Desktop, Mobile and Web Apps

Remove the complexity of developing a bespoke data distribution solution. Contact a Push Technology expert to discuss your organization’s needs. 


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