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The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform™ synchronizes, manages, and distributes data among applications, devices, and systems – via web, mobile, and satellite networks.

Diffusion solves the challenges of real-time streaming and messaging, simplifies application development, and extends the functionality of in-place messaging products.

On Premise – In the cloud – or Both!
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On Premise

Get started today – free – add fast, efficient, reliable, two-way, delta data streaming to your on-premise applications.

Diffusion Cloud
In the cloud

Get started today – free – add fast, efficient, reliable, two-way, delta data streaming to your cloud applications.

Or both

We are the only vendor to offer enterprise-grade, real-time, two-way, delta data streaming for your applications the way you want – on premise, in the cloud, or as a mixture of both. Contact us below or have a look at our enterprise product, Diffusion.

We Developers

Our simple APIs make it possible for you to add data streaming capabilities to your applications in minutes.

  • Publish Data

    Publishing data to a topic results in the message being sent to every subscribed client.

  • Subscribe to Data

    When a client subscribes to a topic it will receive all future updates to the topic automatically.

  • Fetch Data

    If you only want to know the current state of a topic, without subscribing to future updates, you can fetch the value instead.

  • Send message to other clients

    You can send a message directly to another client, making chat applications effortless to implement!

  • Receive message from other clients

    To receive messages sent from another client you'll need to create a listener, just like the one below.

Easily stream data to any devices using our extensive, easy-to-use SDKs.

iOS / macOS / tvOS
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Get in touch! We know our real-time, two-way, delta data streaming solution can help your mobile, web, and IoT apps.