The Difference 100ms makes.

It’s the difference between millions of dollars – earned or lost. Going viral or going bankrupt. Poor app performance is a problem.

Problem apps commonly suffer one issue – trying – and failing – to download large amounts of data via unpredictable networks (then failing again). Too often, apps rely on interfaces that mimic – or worse connect directly – to the backend. These slow, cumbersome APIs are then thwarted entirely by an unreliable network.

Turn your problem app into a reactive app experience using realtime data delivery that can adapt and recover even in poor network conditions.


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Introducing our newest killer feature...

JSON & Binary Delta Streaming

Push Technology’s delta streaming feature provides clients only the differences between old and new data, rather than providing the entire JSON payload – limiting the need to send markup and data that isn’t changing from one message to the next.
Delta streams greatly reduce the bandwidth requirements and latency, offering up to 90% data efficiency improvement.

Realtime Mobile Apps

Traditional integration patterns aren’t always the best choice for mobile.
To improve user experience and performance, you need
efficient realtime data streaming for JSON.

Fast Data for Event Processing & Analytics

Easily collect, format and redistribute data from
multiple sources quickly and easily. Utilize historic and
current data for rich and powerful analytics.

Extend Existing Middleware

Legacy middleware doesn’t work over the internet.
To support today’s cloud-first integration requirements, you need a network efficient data distribution layer.

Decouple Systems

Applications should not be constrained by backend systems, or be impacted when these systems change. You need a reactive data integration layer that ensures functional decoupling.

Backplane for

A microservices architecture depends on efficient data distribution. You need an event-driven data backplane that performs even when services connect via the internet.

Optimized Integration
for IoT

IoT represents new challenges of scale for integration architecture. You need intelligent data distribution that removes redundant data and scales to millions of connections.

On premise

Deployed in an organization’s own data center(s), Diffusion gives developers and enterprise architects the tools and infrastructure to create high performance and reliable reactive applications.

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In the cloud

Built on our market proven technology, Reappt is the cloud-based Realtime Messaging service of choice for enterprise-grade applications and cloud-first organizations.

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