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  • Add-friendFlexible Organization and Transformation of Data
  • OrganizationFine-Grained Security and Access Control

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GRATISBROKER Delivers Commission-Free Trading Platform Powered by Diffusion Cloud

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We have set up a completely cloud-based trading platform infrastructure and we developed, tested, and went into production with Diffusion Cloud fast and for free – a huge benefit for a young company.

Philipp Roeben Cofounder & CIO, Gratisbroker

The founders of GRATISBROKER, one of the first, free, online German trading platforms, had to assure that their platform could reliably deliver trade data and securely process trades in realtime to hundreds of thousands of...

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Simplify Application Modernization with Event-Driven Architecture

Diffusion Reduces Software Development Efforts, Offers Seamless Scalability, and Fine-Grained Security

Diffusion is a holistic pub-sub platform with Low-Code Features, WebSocket based SDKs, REST API and support for open protocols such as MQTT

  • Data Gateway consumes data using SDKs or pre-built adapters to Kafka, SQL/NoSQL databases and more...
  • Data Wrangling enables organization and enrichment of event data with a hierarchical topic tree model
  • Data Distribution component includes a real-time event broker and patented delta-streaming protocol for efficient distribution of event data

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